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3D modeling of Johnny Depp of Pirates of the caribbean in order-made BJD


This is 3D modeling of Johnny Depp of Pirates of the caribbean in order-made BJD. We are making 2 types of emotions. Incomplete part of 3D modeling will be covered by manual-work.

We think that eye brow, mustache, and beard are better to be expressed by make-up. The characteristic of a doll with sphere shape of joint is able to decrease the restriction in expression of image by drawing them with manual work, and to express various looks of Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp of Pirates of the caribbean can be Johnny Depp of Sweeney todd. In addition, Johnny Depp in daily life is possible to be expressed.

The process of producing an original form will be introduced soon.
Thank you for your interest in order-made BJD.

Representative of Dollshe Craft/
Master sculptor, Ki-yong.


  • I have a few questions. Will faceups be offered? If so, could I get a faceup without the beard and mustache? I’m not sure where to place an order for this sort of doll and if layaway is offered. Also am interested in LeStat. Cheryl

    • Johnny Depp has been decided to make without having beard.
      Even though it can be re-made in the status of 3D modeling, there is a still hard part to make him as a real doll. A goal is not to re-make him like Pirates of the Caribbean, so it can be enough to express Johnny Depp with make-up. If beard, eyebrow, and mustache are painted, then Johnny Depp can be expressed. Nobody cannot recognize him.

      Customers can try to wear various wigs and to do various face-ups depend on their taste, so we think that it is better to make Johnny Depp without having beard, eyebrow, and mustache. Soon, the process of production of Johnny Depp will be updated.

      You can use the layaway.
      You may make up to 4 installments.

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