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User name: nemoneo

This is MY Arsene! Incontestably the most beautiful! His face was brought into life by Hélène Holz
(I use one of her photos to show you how Arsène is beautiful, because I do not have it yet!)


    • To Lyn: Hélène Holz operates Rugged Realism. She is based in Melbourne, Australia. Her website is below. She is AMAZING! Her full portfolio is available on her website. If you go back far enough through her portfolio you will find a sci-fi Venitu that she did that will blow your mind (even if you’re not into that sort of thing). Her work is exquisite.

  • Thank you for showing beautiful Arsene. Hélène Holz is a great artist in make-up.
    Give more love to Arsene in the future too.

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