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Both Old 18M CLASSIC head and body will be discontinued.

Dear. Valuable Customers,

My name is Dollshe Ki-yong. Thanks to all your kind concerns, I was able to look back at myself and regain my health. As I was slowly recovering, I worked on the doll whenever I had time.

Until now as I was making dolls, I received more love than I deserve. I think I worked that much harder to meet everyone’s expectation. I am planning on spending more time with the family to make unforgettable and precious memories.

We have announced that we will unify the 18M Classic bodies and make one body for it and the heads will be re-released after modifying the structure. However, we have decided to discontinue all the heads that are compatible with the old 18M Classic body. Unfortunately, Hound, Saint, Bernard and Aramis heads will be discontinued as well. I would like to personally thank everyone who has loved our 18M Classic line for the past 12 years and ask for your kind understanding on having to make this tough decision. The all new 18M Classic line will be released some time this winter.

We will be running a promotion to provide last chance to order the heads and bodies at discounted rate of 30% for the next one month only.

I would like to thank everyone again for the unchanging love and attention.
I promise I will continue to try my hardest to make the most beautiful and high quality dolls.

DollShe Kiyong
Master Sculptor & President of DollShe craft