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We welcome your inquiries. The DollShe craft English site is operated by a professional translator. If there seems to be a mistranslation or if there is something you do not understand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q&A operations

1. English posting>Translated into Korean by a professional translator.
2. Korean translation of the posting>DollShe craft responds in Korean.
3. Korean response>Translated into English by a professional translator.
4. English translation of the response to the posting is uploaded onto the Q&A section.
5. Response completed

It takes 1~2 days for us to process your inquiry. Our response will be delayed on Korean national holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

We generally provide a response in 1-2 days for those posts submitted between Monday 9 a.m. and Friday 6 p.m. A response may take longer for those posts submitted between Friday 6 p.m. and Monday 9 a.m. and on Korean national holidays.

Please leave a new posting on our Q&A page as much as possible

There is no alarm function for posting so some posting could be omitted without checking if the pages go over. We check every page but sometimes we would be not be able to see every new reply on the original post that had written for a long time. We recommend you leave simple question on the Q&A page and if have many things to write then please email us. We can save all email get from you so omitted problem won’t happen.

We are sorry to bother you but except weekend, if you don’t get any reply form us, your posting could have been omitted so please leave the message again.

If there is any inconvenience or thing to change please let us know, we will try to solve the problem.