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Discontinue of Independent Casting Order

Dear, Valuable Customers,

We have been accepting independent casting orders from individual sculptors. It was our intention to remain as a good partner for a long time, however, shipping of DollShe craft dolls has been getting delayed and in result, independent casting orders are being delayed as well. Our staffs are overloaded with production of DollShe craft dolls and being fatigued with large volume of DollShe craft orders itself. In addition, due to increase of overall production cost, our margin has reduced significantly and it led us to make such tough decision that we will not be accepting independent casting orders anymore.

For those customers whom we have provided casting service in the past, we can continue to provide casting service. Those who would like to receive the prototype back can let us know and we will package it safely and send it back.

We sincerely thank all of you who have trusted us and given us the opportunity to cast your order until now. Please understand our inevitable situation.

DollShe craft will only focus on shortening the shipping period of DollShe craft dolls going forward.

Sincerely yours,
DollShe craft


    • We are sorry for the delay in shipping. Fashion size Robin and Rosa will be shipped within the next 2 months.
      It is taking longer to finish the detail since they are too small.
      We are scheduled to finish the extra parts in a month and the shipping will finish in 2 months. We are planning on compensating for this delay.
      We sincerely apologize for this delay.

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