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About DollShe craft

About DollShe craft

DollShe craft, value beyond original handcrafted joint dolls

DollShe craft, a joint doll (JD) production house, is carrying on its exciting journey of discovering the infinite allure of JDs by creating dolls with diverse joint structures and designs. We always put our all into creating high‐quality dolls that bring value and satisfaction to our customers who are JD aficionados. DollShe craft moves forward with those who appreciate the true value of original handcrafted dolls.


DollShe craft, a handcrafted doll brand, was launched with the release of our first line of JDs in April 5, 2003. In November 2003, DollShe craft developed our first unique multi smooth jointed structure that overcame the limited mobility of existing joint structures to allow a wider range of natural poses. Thereafter, DollShe craft has been creating a diverse line of dolls with distinct DollShe craft aesthetics. DollShe craft will work hard to add depth and delight to our future lines.

Original designs

DollShe craft has been independently making original models, silicon casting, and eyeballs, putting our heart and soul into creating meticulously crafted and aesthetically sophisticated dolls. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of not only making original models but also of all the phases of production in order to create top‐notch dolls. With our in‐depth knowledge of the production process and high standard of craftsmanship, DollShe craft makes dolls with a high level of design and structural sophistication. DollShe craft has moved beyond the ball‐jointed method and has produced a wide array of dolls using multi‐smooth‐jointed and triple‐jointed methods. From initial design concepts, crafting original models, to reproduction, DollShe craft has always been committed to original designs.

DollShe craft BI

DollShe craft’s BI consists of a JD rendition of two children, standing back‐to‐back, blowing horns. The BI embodies children’s excitement as well as the serenity of smooth reverberation of horns pervading the early morning air. The overall symmetry of the composition represents balance while the slight asymmetry of the horns symbolizes change. DollShe craft’s BI reflects the brand’s pursuit of a sculptural aesthetic that harmoniously combines balance and change.

Introducing sculptor Dollshe-kiyong

Greetings. This is DollShe Kiyong, DollShe craft’s sculptor. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who are passionate about DollShe craft dolls. I am delighted that the dolls I create are so loved. As a sculptor, I not only have immense creative ambitions but also the desire to meet and even exceed the expectations of all those who love my dolls. That is why I always put my all into desiging and making original models. I am very happy and excited that DollShe craft is finally launching our official website through which I can get even closer to all of you. With you feedback, DollShe craft will work on overcoming its shortcomings and evolve into a brand of true substance. I hope DollShe craft, a handcrafted dolls production house, will continue to receive your love and support for many years to come.

DollShe Kiyong
Master Sculptor & President of DollShe craft


DollShe craft values all those who work with us. Top‐quality materials produced with advanced skills and experience are valuable assets, but it is only with our specialists’ expertise and workmanship that these materials can be properly utilized to create finished products. DollShe craft considers the greatest virtue of a JD specialist to be his/her commitment to excellence and hard work in his/her respective area of expertise.


DollShe craft dolls are special. This is because we only make dolls that fulfill four DollShe craft promises.

First, in order to create dolls with long‐lasting value, DollShe craft only makes dolls that are highly refined and created with meticulous care after long hours of careful consideration. Even over the subtlest details, DollShe craft remains steadfast in our commitment to original designs.

Second, all DollShe craft dolls are entirely handmade. In order to create the highest quality dolls, DollShe craft only makes dolls that undergo multiple production stages and receive meticulous attention from highly trained specialists.

Third, DollShe craft only produces dolls, eyeballs, and accessories that have gone through rigorous standardized quality control tests.

Fourth, DollShe craft operates all of our production processes on an accountability system whereby those involved in each of our production phases undertake rigorous quality control checks to ensure that nothing falls short of our production standards.