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Grown Saint head’s original form is almost done.


Grown saint head’s original form is almost done.
The new Grown head has been made in three versions. It is OE, EN and SA.
Saint Head also has the half-open eyes EN head like Berman. EN comes from the first 2 letters of enchanted. This head looks sexy and unconscious.

We will do our best to start to ship 18M Mystic, Grown Berman, Saint, Bernard in February. Bernard head will be completed in 2 weeks later.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
DollShe Craft representative/Master Sculptor


  • Dear Master,
    Thank you for sharing this amazing face sculpt’s view with us! I am extremely happy that the Grown Saint looks so similar to the old Saint! Love his lips so much!

  • New Saint has remained the same wonderful! I am very glad I did order the new Saint in the mystic body. Thank you very much, you saved the style and harmony of the head! I see some changes, but they did sculpt better. And really liked the head with eyes closed. It’s time to think about buying it))

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