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Last Discontinued Sale

Ten Days Extension of sale period only for Dolls Which Will Be Discontinued.

Hello, everyone.

We are going to extend 10 days of discount period for dolls which will be discountinued.
We extend it for customers who did not notice the news of discountinued dolls.

After Super package, Puzzle package, Full package which are organized for 15th Anniversary, the dolls will be totally discountinued.

Here are the dolls which will be discountinued.

Classic Line

All types of 28M Classic
All types of 26F Classic
All types of 18M Classic
8B Classic
6G Classic

Fashion Line

All types of 28M Fashion
All types of 26F Fashion
18M Fashion Arsene

Last extended period

8th August – 17th August

Thank you for your love for them until this moment.


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