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Notification of producing order-made BJD, Tom Cruise from Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.

Hello, everyone.

We will start producing order-made BJD, Tom Cruise from Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.

We revive pale and beautiful Tom Cruise. We decided Tom Cruise as a next order-made BJD with a chinese customer’s ask. We will do our best to revive his appearance. Shipment will be started after pre-orders are accepted, and the production of head will be started on March and it will be shipped on May. A head will be compatible to 18M Mystic body.

Check the details on the top of order-made BJD.
We hope that there will be lots of interests.

Representative of Dollshe Crafts/Master sculptor, Ki-yong.


    • It is produced by one of customer`s in China.
      Some customers also want to own a doll which looks like him.
      It is for our fan, so the head which is only compatible to our body is produced.

      But, there is no big profit for us with this work.
      This is just for people who are fan of Tom Cruise, and it is a limited edition for customer`s ask. Therefore, we think that there is no big issue.

      We have seen lots of cases of artworks from small creative groups.
      Lots of artists of this groups recreate.

      If it cou;d be a problem for the owner who has Tom cruise`s portrait right.
      Its production has not been proceeded, and there are a few people who ordered.

      If you have an opinion about this, send it our e-mail,

      • So you basically say, it is okay to „re-use“ the intellectual property of someone else, because you don´t get great profit from it?
        So I could use your dolls, “re-cast” them and sell them for little money, because I won´t make a great profit from it?
        I have a few friends, who would love dolls, that looks like Dollshe dolls. Its only for dollshe fans. Only for customers when they ask. Limited recasts! Therefore I don’t think its a big issue.

        • Of course. The intellectual property of Tom Cruise is on him, but I have not seen it as a big issue in this kind of small field. A lots of fans of him love him very much, so getting a doll is not a big issue.
          If it could be a problem, I will not make an order-made BJD any more.

          Sincerely yours,

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