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Order-made BJD for Leonardo Di Caprio of Romeo and Juliet

Leonardo DiCaprio_order made bjd_01

Leonardo DiCaprio_order made bjd_02

Leonardo DiCaprio_order made bjd_03

Leonardo DiCaprio_order made bjd_04


We produce Order-made BJD for Leonardo Di Caprio of Romeo and Juliet.
When we take 30 units preorder for Group order we start production and we will keep taking orders maximum 90 units. All limited edition dolls will only be 90 units.

If you make a payment of 50% of the total amount is included on our order list in regular order.

After you pay the remaining 50% when the production is done, we will send you your order.

It takes about 4 months to produce dolls, 1month to produce clothes and it will take 6 months for you to get your order.
I will keep you updated by showing you the process and where we are.

We will take orders on a first-come-first-served basis and you can cancel your order. The next person takes over the canceled order.

It is the first Order-made BJD. Please keep paying attention and supporting us.

Sincerely yours,
DollShe Craft CEO/Master Sculptor


  • Can you tell us who commission the project? Weill DollShe be doing other licensed likeness/character dolls in future?

    • Fans of Leonardo Di Caprio are placing orders.
      It takes about 6months to complete this project. I’m planning to produce more of celebrity doll after this project, if there are many people ask me to make certain characters. However, if there are only few people order and it’s hard to make it would be hard to keep this project.
      Please let us know if you have any questions and we will respond promptly.

  • Oh I cannot wait to see how he turns out! It says sold out does that that mean you have the 30 units needed to start production? Personally I would love to see a tall sexy masculine Asian character. Maybe someone like Godfrey Gao. Cannot wait for further update!

    • After we complete all ordered we have taken first and then we will resume this project again.Thank you for your interest. We will let you know if there is an update.

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