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Original Authentication

Original Authentication

BI tag

Each DollShe craft joint doll (JD) comes with a BI tag on the back of the head. On the BI tag is the doll’s unique serial number. The serial number is stored with the original buyer’s personal information in both the paper register and online database managed by DollShe craft.

Authentication card

The authentication card that comes with each DollShe craft JD includes the order date, serial number, doll type, and DollShe craft seal.

Production process certificate

DollShe craft dolls also come with a production process certificate signed and sealed by Dollshe craft personnel in charge of each phase of the production process. The certificate includes the signatures and seals of DollShe craft dolls’ sculptor, reproduction specialist, aesthe (sanding) and tension (elastic string) specialist, and the packaging and shipment supervisor. The production process certificate demonstrates DollShe craft’s commitment to producing high-quality dolls by operating a systematic production process based on the principle of accountability.

* Each DollShe craft doll comes with all three aforementioned authentication documents. Without them, it is difficult to prove the authenticity of a DollShe craft original handcrafted dolls. Therefore, please keep the authentication documents in a safe place.

Authentication documents by product type

JDs and heads come with all three authentication documents while the rest of our products come with just a card-type authentication document and the production process certificate.

* Please check the particular product for the relevant authentication documents.

Original authentication system

The authenticity of a DollShe craft doll can be verified through the information on the BI tag and the authentication card, including the serial number, order date, country, and doll type. The original authentication system consists of DollShe craft’s paper register and online database where all the relevant information on each DollShe craft doll is stored along with the original buyer’s personal information. When a doll has been verified as a DollShe craft original, you can also access the order date, customer information, and information on doll type. The original authentication process prevents the circulation of illegal copies and creates an open and transparent transaction environment that can reassure our customers of the authenticity of their JDs. Original authentication service is offered to Dollshe craft members. Authentication information can also be provided upon the request of a potential buyer who wishes to buy from a DollShe craft doll owner.