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  • Ausley-Love_Limited-Edition_558743_01

Ausley Love – CLASSIC BJD(65cm) Limited Edition

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DollShe System

DollShe craft’s dolls have three significant advantage and features. By integrating its three unique features, we call it DollShe System.

DollShe craft, the founder of this system, we have spent sleepless hours in order to find method of connecting elastic, joint structure, as well as doll’s maneuverability. All this was possible because we had a firm will to make high fit and finish as well as high quality doll.

If good things are modeled and developed further, better things start to happen. Just like when it needs a good seasoning in order to make a good food, we hope DollShe System is used as a salt and pepper in making better dolls.

Ball jointed doll is the root of DollShe craft’s dolls. However, DollShe craft has only found ball jointed doll’s possibility and developed them. When DollShe System is integrated when making the doll, it would be great if application DollShe System is stated. We hope our devoted effort is not easily copied.

If source of origin is stated, DollShe System everyone is welcome to use it.

Joint System

DollShe-Ki-yong, our master sculptor, created the very first model-type 70cm multi-jointed doll, Bermann, which was released in November 2003. We followed it up with dolls featuring new joint systems. Existing BJDs were limited in terms of poses. We wanted to created dolls with a wider range of poses. The “Dollshe joint system” features silicone packing at the axis of a multi-jointed system to enable the most human-like poses in our dolls. Our joints meet high aesthetic standards and are put together in an organic fashion. They are also designed to minimize wear and tear and enable smooth and fluid movements.


Elastic Assembly System

The DollShe elastic assembly system is such that the four limbs are strung independently to the body to enable a wider range of poses and to make it easier to change the elastic strings and reassemble the dolls. The aluminum elastic connector has been precision-processed using the CNC method to add to the sculptural sophistication of our dolls.

Beauty in strength.

On 2007, Elastic Assembly System has been first implemented on Orijean



Movement System

By inserting silicon packing in all moving joint connection area, dolls can have perfect posing. Silicon packing serves similar to human cartilage. It protects joint to joint by minimizing impacts from abrasion of each joints.

You can feel smooth movement when the doll is maneuvered.

Be expressive from various posing.

On October of 2012, it has been first implemented on 26F Classic Ausley Love.



Our initial prototype was not able to move the hip sideways, however, it has now been upgraded and capable of taking natural poses after such enhancement. As there is a saying, “Poses resemble the characteristics”, we have now successfully finished the development of mature and sexy woman body. With contribution of flexible lateral and back and forth movement of the hip, our customers should finally be capable of express variety of feelings.

Due to increased number of silicon packing insertion part, the shoulder and pelvis have become more felxible and stable. In addition, we have strengthened all the joints and improved the detail as well as maximizing the degree of completion.





[ Package ]

– OE Head + Body
– EZ S Hook (Small) for connecting hand’s elastic.
– EZ S Hook (Medium) for connecting feet’s elastic.
– EZ S Hook (Large) for connecting head’s elastic.
– Aluminum head fastening connector (used to connect head and body by EZ S Hook (Large). EZ S Hook (Large) is fastened to the head and is fastened to aluminum parts to prevent abrasion in the head)
– Aluminum body fastening connector (EZ S Hook (Large) acts as a fastener to the body. It is use in case of separating head and body. EZ S Hook (Large) is fastened to the aluminum body fastening connctor to prevent abrasion in the neck)
– 8 DollShe silicone elbow joint protectors (prevent joints from hitting one another; act like cartilage; prevent wear and tear of urethane; stay in place effectively for enhanced posability)
– 8 DollShe silicone knee joint protectors (prevent joints from hitting one another; act like cartilage; prevent wear and tear of urethane; stay in place effectively for enhanced posability; allow doll to stand on its own)
– Authentication card, production process certificate (includes signatures of DollShe craft staffers who created your doll)
– default box, protective sponge


* The wig, outfit, and eyes in the photos are not included.
* Dolls are made on order, so orders cannot be canceled once payment has been made.
* There are parting lines, which form during casting, on the doll.
* Darker resin dolls can become discolored if you use sandpaper or other tools to smooth the surface. Refrain from any aesthe (sanding) work on a darker resin doll.
* The default package comes without makeup.
* Colors may look different depending on your monitor settings.
* Dolls yellow from natural light, so please avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dolls may also turn yellow or green under intense artificial lighting as well, so please be careful. Coating your doll with a UV protector and keeping it fully dressed (including wig) can help preventing it from turning yellow or green.
* Orders will ship in around 50-60 business day upon receipt of payment.
* Orders placed during special event periods may take longer to ship.