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Grown Saint – CLASSIC(70cm)

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We introduce you the next new 18M MYSTIC body.
This body have been making for Leonardo Di Caprio.
It goes well with Remaking Bermann so it will be used for this doll too.

It is a slim body which has high quality of mobility and flexible line.

When you completely bend it’s elbow it makes perfect degree so that he can make the perfect pose wearing clothes.

There is S shape hook at penis parts so it is easy to change as we change hands parts. When you have Penis cap parts in it looks better and much natural when it is wearing pants than Penis parts does. His leg would be 1cm longer. It makes big difference when you see the whole proportion. It looks natural even if he is wearing pants, the penis wouldn’t stand out. The natural look with underwear is like a human.

Hands and feet parts are sample to compare the size and I will make it more Fineness and softer. I will show you other extra hands and feet parts one by one.
We provide ‘Pose body’ and ‘Pose + Body’. ‘Pose body’ is the body that looks natural and ‘Pose + Body’ is the body that has wider mobility.
You will satisfied with either body.

We have done 80% of processing.

I want you to see and touch the new body as soon as possible.
The processing of body is quicker than usual so it will be able to ship them in time.
Please keep paying attention and supporting us.

New 18M Mystic Body, say movement

“Pose takes personality”. It is a word I always conceive before I start producing a new body. I set the age and body line and contrive to optimize it’s best fluent movement. The important thing is keeping the beauty of the body and harmony with it’s joints.
I put beautiful lines at dividing part in the body. I made harmonic lines throughout the whole body.
The movement of New 18M Mystic body is definitely the best among the dolls I have made so far.

I have seen many pictures of dolls. I realized most of the dolls are standing. It is standing while taking a picture. Therefore, it has to have a natural and beautiful promotion when the BJD is standing.

BJD is different with humans. Its flesh is not as soft and flexible as that of a human’s.

Like those reasons, it’s hard to make dolls pose like humans do. I conceived and set the joint mobility range with an optical illusion so that the doll makes a natural pose.

Then now you see the picture of all joint and it’s movement.

The movement of the Head



It can turn to any side from back and forth, and right to left so it can get a wide arrange of natural positions.

The movement of shoulders


Turning 360 degrees, I conceived for arms to swing back and forth. You can make slouch or straight position or straight.

The movement of Chest



It makes natural back and forth position. From making a slouching position to standing with one leg bent. The center of the body goes up and the shoulder goes down. It covers the limit of BJD with a wide range movement in the chest.

The movement of the hip


What should pursue either a standing or sitting position? Should we make it sitting with his legs together? How can we make the natural silhouette when it is wearing clothes while having a penis? The result is that it will be natural when it is standing. I am always pursuing a natural beauty when it is wearing clothes or it being naked. I am able to make this possible because of the detachable penis. I have also made it possible to have it sit with it’s legs together. I have to carve the thigh to allow the legs to come together. I made the joint between the hip and thigh look natural.

The movement of the knee joint


Either way you bend the knee it will look very natural. When wearing clothes the bending at any degree or angle looks very natural. When you bend the knees at step one and two; it can make a better and more natural pose. Always start by bending in to step one before bending directly to step two./

The movement of the Ankle Joint


The movement of the ankle is about 10 degrees. When the legs are spread the feet will be flat on the ground. It will look very natural when sitting. The range allows for it to bend forward or stand straight in the standing position.

The movement of the Elbow Joint


The elbow bends naturally just like our own. With the natural range in motion it also has a natural silhouette. The degree of bending is very natural when the doll is wearing clothes. When you bend the arms at step one and two; it can make a better and more natural pose. Always start by bending in to step one before bending directly to step two.

The movement of the Wrist Joint


It bends in a 360 degree motion. This allows the wrist movement to be very natural. The natural movement is very important when making a pose. The hand can express as much as the face. It can go to any parts on the body from touching its face or even its hips. This allows for very natural posing and look.