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All size 26F Special Event



26F Special Event

We would like to thank all those who gave us feedback on the question, “Do you want a new doll size?”

26F CLASSIC MAXI (65cm) Start group order.

26F CLASSIC MINI (51cm) Start group order.

26F FASHION MAXI (41cm) Start group order.

26F FASHION MINII (33cm) Start group order.

We currently have two lines of realistic style dolls: the Classic and Fashion lines.

We are expanding these lines with the addition of two new sizes, and the existing lines will be renamed to distinguish between all the sizes:

The existent Classic line will be renamed to Classic Maxi.

The NEW Classic Mini size will be the smaller Classic doll size.

The existent Fashion line will be renamed to Fashion Maxi.

The NEW Fashion Mini size will be the smaller Fashion doll size.

Group Order Period

September 20 – October 20

* When the limited quantity is exhausted, the group order will be terminated early.

Special package configuration

OE head + EN head + SA head + Pose body + 3 different types of breasts + Gesture hand type 1 + Gesture hand type 2 + High heel foot + High heeled calf + Clothing exchange hand parts

Basic package configuration

head + body

* Basic package is composed of Head+Body, and when you order additional parts you also can get 30% discount for them.



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