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Why are genuine BJD more expensive?

Do you think our genuine products are expensive just because the illegal replicas are cheap? If you understand the production process of the illegal replica, you would never think our genuine products are overpriced. Please do not evaluate simply by comparing the price of genuine and replica products.

After hearing the truth we speak, we hope more customers agree that our genuine products are reasonably priced to operate this workshop.

Illegal replica manufacturers always look for a replicated doll to use it as their prototype doll. We believe they spend about $700 to purchase a 700mm doll. This means their cost to obtain the doll they use to cast is only $700. People may think $700 is very expensive for a doll they collect as hobby. However, it becomes a totally different story when you say you got your hands on the casting base doll (prototype) for $700. So then how much would it actually cost to make the prototype doll? If you have a skilled sculptor work on the doll, it will cost minimum $30,000 to $50,000. This cost vary depending on the quality of the doll or the capabilities of the sculptor. This cost can be considered as an initiative investment that can be compensated by receiving 100 orders and the prototype can be kept and used repeatedly for future orders. As long as the compatible head is added to the body, it can be used repeatedly in the future.

How long would it take to make the prototype? It really varies depending on the degree of completion, capability of the sculptor, and the design of the doll, however, Dollshe Craft normally invests about minimum 6 months to over a year to make the prototype. It surely takes lots of effort and time as well as the patience.

If you take into consideration 6 months to 1 year of time and effort invested, the prototype production cost of $50,000 is not an unreasonable price.

However, the replica manufacturers simply log on to the online shopping mall and purchase the low quality prototype with just a few clicks to transfer the money in the mere amount of $700.

It does not cost neither the time nor the effort for them to obtain the prototype. They simply purchase the popular doll online and use a cheap labor to cast it. How much would these replica manufacturers care for the welfare and future of their employees? They will most likely use the cheapest material to reduce the cost. The most important thing is the amount of money that comes into their pocket.

The ball jointed doll is for enthusiasts and the market is very small. How many orders will it take to maintain and operate a workshop like Dollshe Craft? Dollshe Craft is operated as a small workshop, however, it is not used as a personal place anymore where Sculptor Kiyong makes the doll as hobby. Although the prototype can be created by himself, it is impossible to manage all the processes it takes for the doll to be delivered to the customer. There has to be fair amount of compensation to our family staff members whom are suffering together as one company. This business cannot be maintained if there is no profit. So please understand the cost of prototype is the reasonable price to maintain the operation of our workshop.

Since those illegal replica manufacturers carry no risk when there is a slump in sales, there business is not on jeopardy and they can manage to continue with their business. We often report them to FBI and total shop operated by Alibaba and ask for termination of this illegal business, however, they simply disappear for a certain period of time and reappear to continue the business. In reality, it is very difficult to keep up the fight with them as there is always an easy way of escaping the consequence and penalty for them. They always cleverly disguise their identity and play hide-and-seek to fool us and steal our valuable creation.