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18M CLASSIC MAXI and 18M FASHION MAXI will be discontinued

18M CLASSIC MAXI and 18M FASHION MAXI will be discontinued.

18M Classic Maxi and 18M Fashion Maxi are discontinued.
This is your last chance to order the special package at 50% off the basic package price.
We will completely stop discount sales from new releases.

After discontinuation, a new 18M classic maxi line is released.

The 18M line body has no articulation clasps for smooth joint movement. We received many inquiries about difficulties with independence, so we decided to improve the knee and elbow joints. Let’s modify the prototype by making a detent at the joint.

The 18M line dolls that have not yet shipped will be shipped with improved knee and elbow joints.

If you already have 18M bodies, we will send you a knee joint and elbow joint free of charge. If you need a new knee joint or elbow joint, please email us. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Last discount sale schedule

June 21 – July 21

limited quantity

50 pieces

* Depending on the doll type, only 2 silicone molds are produced.
* Sales will stop when limited quantities are exhausted.

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