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All BJD are made in full package

All BJD are made in full package.

– All BJD are sold as a full package only.
– Full package casting is available for inventory casting. Some of the dolls in the lineup are shipped directly from stock after casting.
– Inventory casting could not be done due to the variety of options. There is a color difference depending on the time of casting, making it difficult to casting with the same color, which reduces the casting efficiency.
– After confirming the order, casting is often delayed while adjusting the casting schedule according to options.

Subcontractor outsourcing production

– If the quantity that can be casting at the DollShe Craft Casting Center is exceeded, the delivery period will be shortened by subcontractor production.
– Silicone mold making is very important to replicate good quality dolls. We send silicone molds made by DollShe Craft Casting Center to a subcontractor for outsourced reproduction. The materials used by the subcontractors use the same Non-foaming polyurethane resin and colorant used by DollShe Craft.
– Share skin color data to duplicate dolls with the same quality as the DollShe Craft Craft casting.
– In DollShe Craft, quality control is done directly.

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