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Discontinuation of 50% Discount on Special Packages

Discontinuation of 50% Discount on Special Packages
Dear Valued Customers,
Starting from August 1st, the 50% discount sale on special packages will be discontinued. After this date, any additional parts will need to be ordered separately, and the maximum discount available will be adjusted to 30%.
The creation and casting of silicone molds for special packages, which include numerous parts, require a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, the 50% discount on these packages has resulted in low profitability, making it difficult to sustain our workshop operations.
Considering the increased labor and material costs, only a maximum discount of 30% will be applied going forward. Additionally, we will discontinue the continuous discount sales on some of our lineups.
The sale of special packages will only be available until the end of July. Currently, only a limited number of castings can be produced with the existing silicone molds for these packages.
If a silicone mold gets damaged during casting and reaches the end of its lifespan, it must be replaced, which could result in delivery delays of 1-2 months.
Most of the popular BJD lineups are already sold out from our inventory. The average waiting period for orders can take 1-2 months.
If only a head is cast for a stock body, the delivery of these stock BJDs typically takes about 2-3 weeks.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Sculptor DK

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