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I will send 20 Luke heads and 20 Doma heads directly to Mori9 at no cost.

Dear Members,
I will send 20 Luke heads and 20 Doma heads directly to Mori9 at no cost. I am currently organizing my feelings and situation to send an email to Mori9 by tomorrow. I am unsure if Mori9 will accept this final gesture of goodwill.
For those who love Mori9’s heads, please order the Luke and Doma heads directly from Mori9, which I will cast for free. If you desire a true masculine body and not a subpar one, consider ordering my KING75 body through a group order. The heads I send to Mori9 and the KING75 body will perfectly match in skin color.
I was thrilled about my collaboration with Mori9, but I have suffered greatly due to the unilateral termination. I haven’t profited from this and have endured critical damage to my reputation, which I built since 2002 by creating original BJDs, yet I have survived. This has been the most financially challenging and difficult period of my life, and I am still facing hardships. I am striving to live the remainder of my life beautifully by taking on various business ventures with minimal capital and actively trying to generate income through crowdfunding. My dream is to achieve financial and temporal freedom and live a carefree life. My goal is to steadfastly turn my dreams into reality regardless of circumstances. I dream of driving a Ferrari along Sicilian beaches, swimming in the California sea, traveling to space, and going salmon fishing in Alaska with my beloved family.
I hope you can understand how difficult this past year has been for me. I have now regained the strength to rise again, all thanks to those who have kindly placed orders again.
I will no longer mention Mori9. I will put an end to this unnecessary dispute and criticism. Soon, the silicone mold work for the KING75 body will be completed, and I will start the first casting. I will also accept orders for the KING75 body at a discounted price through a group order. Additionally, after closing the group order, I will personally cast and deliver 20 bodies within 2-3 months. Because I handle everything from creating the silicone molds to casting myself, I cannot accept many orders. However, just 20 group orders are enough to sustain Dollshe Craft. I no longer need to artificially boost sales to pay staff wages as before.
Please refrain from requesting Luke and Doma heads any further.
Sincerely yours,
Sculptor DK

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