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May June delivery schedule information

Delivery schedule information by doll lineup

LIMITED 100 BJD Superhero CLASSIC – 1 months
LIMITED 100 BJD Superhero MORDERN – 1 or 2 months
LIMITED 100 BJD Superhero FASHION – 1 or 2 months

LIMITED 100 BJD Super Model Neo CLASSIC – 1 or 2 months
LIMITED 100 BJD Super Model Neo MORDERN – 2 or 3 months
LIMITED 100 BJD Super Model Neo FASHION – 2 or 3 months

* Limited edition dolls are not sold at a discount. It will be sold out after the limited quantity order is closed.

28M CLASSIC MAXI – 5 months
26F CLASSIC MAXI – 5 months
24M CLASSIC MAXI – 5 months
18M CLASSIC MAXI – 5 months
16F CLASSIC MAXI – 5 months
8B CLASSIC MAXI – 5 months
6G CLASSIC MAXI – 5 months

18M CLASSIC MINI – 5 months
16F CLASSIC MINI – 5 months

28M FASHION MAXI – 5 months
26F FASHION MAXI – 5 months
24M FASHION MAXI – 5 months
18M FASHION MAXI – 5 months
16F FASHION MAXI – 5 months

MANGA MAXI – 3 months
MANGA MINI – 3 months


* Delivery will be normal in 4-5 months. Delayed shipments will most likely be dispatched within about 4-5 months.
* Delivery schedule has an error of about 1-2 weeks. It may be delivered sooner, or it may be delivered 1-2 weeks later. Since all dolls are made by hand, we can give you an approximate delivery schedule, but please understand that we cannot provide an exact delivery schedule.

– Dolls of the same type will be duplicated and shipped in order.
– Depending on the production time of the silicone mold and the number of copies, the delivery time for each doll lineup may vary.
– For doll types whose delivery has been delayed for a long time due to delay in prototype production, all prototypes will be completed within about 2 months. After that, orders will not be accepted if the prototype is not completed.
– The biggest reason for the significant delay in delivery was the delay in prototyping and taking pre-orders with 3D modeling images. Deep discount sales are delaying deliveries at a time when doll orders exploded on the DollShe Craft website and several overseas dealers.
– We are currently hiring full-time employees and part-timers to expedite delivery to the extent we can.
– Most dolls that were severely delayed in delivery within 6 months will be delivered.
– After the delivery delay is resolved, limited edition dolls and regular edition dolls are ordered only in the quantity that can be reproduced each month and are delivered within 1-2 months in principle.
– There is a difference in the delivery schedule for each doll lineup. There are many doll lineups, and there is a difference in the condition of silicone molds and the order quantity for each doll lineup.
– Silicone molds must be duplicated as soon as possible after production is complete. As silicone molds are manufactured for a long time, they lose their elasticity, shortening the lifespan of silicone molds and reducing the quality of reproduction. We will inform you of the delivery schedule for each doll lineup every month.

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