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MOLLY MAXI mini Order



MOLLY MAXI mini Order

Full package configuration

OE head + Dreaming head + MOLLY Body


Regular price USD 370$

Discount price USD 145$

MOLLY mini price

Regular price USD 240$

Discount price USD 95$

Limited Quantity

MAXI 10 orders

mini 10 orders

Order Period

May 21 – June 21

* Ends early when 10 orders have been placed.


Introduction of the delivery period guarantee system

The start date of the delivery period guarantee system is May 18, 2022.
Previous orders are not included in the delivery delay period.

Guarantee benefits for delayed delivery

Delivery Delays Over 3 Months – 50% Refund
Delivery Delays Over 6 Months – 100% Refund

* For the difference between the delivery period of the limited edition BJD and the regular edition BJD, please refer to the BJD detail page.
* If the delivery period is not met, we will refund and send BJD.
* Refunds will be made if delivery is delayed even by one day.
* Refund date is based on shipping date. Delivery times vary from country to country, so it is not based on the date of receipt.

Please order after confirming the warranty mark for the delivery period.

* The delivery period guarantee system only applies to BJDs with the delivery period guarantee mark.

– The general version of BJD, whose delivery has been delayed so far, is not covered by the delivery period guarantee system.
– The delivery period guarantee system will be applied gradually to the general version BJD from 6 months after delivery of the delayed BJD is completed.
– Discount coupons will be issued for orders that have been delayed until now.

Refund application

– If the delivery period is exceeded, the customer must apply for a refund directly.
– Orders that have not been directly refunded will not be refunded. It should be checked against the actual final payment date.
– Be sure to email your refund request to
– For installment payments, the delivery period is set based on the final payment date.


MOLLY MAXI is covered by the delivery period warranty.

MOLLY mini is covered by the delivery period warranty.



Delivery period information

MOLLY MAXI for 2-3 months

MOLLY mini for 1 months

Shipping Fee Information

Overseas shipping rates have skyrocketed due to COVID-19.

Shipping charges vary depending on the time of order and delivery time.

The shipping fee is automatically set by the box’s volume and weight, and there is a difference between the automatically set shipping fee and the actual shipping fee.

When shipping the doll, the difference in shipping fee will be refunded and additional shipping fee will be requested to be deposited.

Please understand that there is a difference between the actual shipping fee and the automatically set shipping fee, as the shipping charging system cannot accurately calculate the shipping fee.



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