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Picture of comparison 28M Fashion line Ray Lewis and Vampire Khan





It is the picture of comparison 28M Fashion line Ray Lewis and Vampire Khan.


  • Just a constructive criticism, I think the Vampire Khan shows a rather smaller head size now comparing and looking the two dolls together.

    • Dear rollyfl,

      I think Khan’s head looks small. however that’s what I intended for his Vampire concept.

      It is not a real human.
      I hope you open your mind 🙂

      If you accept diversity and see him, Khan is cool enough.
      I think I have made him perfect as the concept that I intended.

      Thank you for your opinion.

      Sincerely yours,
      DollShe Craft CEO/Master Sculptor

  • Khan’s head is small, but it doesn’t look “too small”. I actually like the look of the smaller head. Many doll lines tend to favour larger heads. Diversity is very good.

    • Khan’s head could be looks smaller than other heads.
      If you see him in person you will see it has nice proportion and suit with concept.
      Thank you for your opinion.

      • I think it is a good proportion too. I think this doll looks great, like all your other dolls. Thank you for your reply.

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