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David (Superhero MODERN – 56cm) – Limited 100 BJD

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슈퍼 히어로 모던 라인과 패션 라인이 단종 30% 할인 판매
슈퍼 히어로 모던 라인과 패션 라인이 단종됩니다.
한정판 잔여 수량을 30% 할인 판매합니다.
슈퍼 히어로 라인은 배송 지연 없는 라인업입니다. 주문 후 1-2달 이내 배송을 보장합니다. 주문 후 바로 복제해서 배송합니다.
앞으로 돌쉬 크라프트는 클래식 라인 단일 사이즈만 제작합니다.
입금은 돌쉬 크라프트 페이팔 계정 제한으로 파트너인 돌스타운에서 대신 받아 주고 있습니다.
돌스타운 페이팔 계좌로 입금부탁드립니다.

PayPal 결제
DollShe Craft의 PayPal 계정 인출 제한으로 인해, DollsTown의 PayPal 계정으로 입금 부탁드립니다.
지난 15년 동안 DollsTown BJD를 전담으로 복제해왔으며 좋은 관계를 유지해왔습니다.
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Discontinuation Sale : 30% Off on Superhero Modern Line and Fashion Line
Superhero Modern Line and Fashion Line are being discontinued.
We are offering a 30% discount on the remaining limited edition quantities.
Superhero Line ensures a lineup without shipping delays, guaranteeing delivery within 1-2 months after ordering. We will promptly casting and dispatch your order upon confirmation.
Moving forward, DollShe Craft will exclusively produce the Classic Line in a single size.
The deposit is being handled by our partner, DollsTown, due to restrictions on the DollShe Craft PayPal account.
Please deposit into DollsTown’s PayPal account.

PayPal payment
Due to the withdrawal limit for DollShe Craft’s PayPal account, please deposit to DollsTown’s PayPal account.
We have been exclusively casting DollsTown BJD for the past 15 years and have maintained a good relationship with them.
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未来,DollShe Craft将专门生产单一尺寸的经典系列。

押金由我们的合作伙伴DollsTown处理,因为DollShe Craft的PayPal账户受到限制。
由于DollShe Craft PayPal账户的提款限制,请存入DollsTown的PayPal账户。
我们过去15年一直专门为DollsTown BJD进行铸造,并与他们保持良好的关系。
Dollstown PayPal账户


今後、DollShe Craftはクラシックラインを単一サイズで製造します。
入金は、DollShe CraftのPayPalアカウントの制限のため、弊社のパートナーであるDollsTownが代わりに受け取っています。
DollShe CraftのPayPalアカウントの引き出し制限のため、DollsTownのPayPalアカウントに入金してください。
過去15年間、私たちは専門的にDollsTown BJDを製作し、良好な関係を維持しています。
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Comparison of superhero David classic, modern, and fashion scales.

Superhero David Classic 72cm, Superhero David Modern 56cm, Superhero David Fashion 45cm




Superhero Modern Body Size & Measurement?

Head circumference 225mm
Neck girth 142mm
Chest 391mm
Waist 280mm
Hips 327mm
Upper leg girth 221mm
Lower leg girth 158mm
Upper arm girth 150mm
Lower arm girth 126mm
Wrist girth 71mm
Ankle girth 102mm

Height 560 mm
Shoulder width 197mm
Arm length 181mm
Leg length 205mm
Back length 158mm
Hand length 79mm
Foot length 102mm
Foot width 39mm
Pubic bone to tip of foot length 339mm

Eyes 9mm

Weight 2000g

Process for producing a doll?

*The casting schedule is different depending on the type.
*The ‘processing’is right phase at the moment.
*Once your payment get checked, it is ‘processing’phase from producing step to complete step.
*When the delivery has started the status is changed to “shipping”, and we will let you know the tracking number.

Basic Info?

* The wig, outfit, and eyes in the photos are not included.
* Dolls are made on order, so orders cannot be canceled once payment has been made.
* There are parting lines, which form during casting, on the doll.
* Darker resin dolls can become discolored if you use sandpaper or other tools to smooth the surface. Refrain from any aesthe (sanding) work on a darker resin doll.
* The default package comes without makeup.
* Colors may look different depending on your monitor settings.
* Dolls yellow from natural light, so please avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dolls may also turn yellow or green under intense artificial lighting as well, so please be careful. Coating your doll with a UV protector and keeping it fully dressed (including wig) can help preventing it from turning yellow or green.
* Orders will ship in around 50-60 business day upon receipt of payment.
* Orders placed during special event periods may take longer to ship.

Installments Info?

You may make up to 4 installments.
You may make your payment by dividing your total from your number of layaways.

The PayPal payment page that you are directed to only allows you to pay for the full amount. There are no buttons for layaways.

Please don’t pay through auto paypal page after you accept your order.
It will become pending payment or cancelled if you don’t pay for it.
Then, we can check our order list.

Then, please log in to PayPal website separately and make your first payment to
After making your payment, please write back to us as we will confirm the receipt of your order and payment.