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Sales through official overseas dealers will be terminated

Continuous rise in material costs and personnel expenses

Profitability must be ensured in manufacturing good quality dolls. A good quality doll cannot be manufactured with only willingness because doll manufacturing is not just a hobby. We need to manufacture a doll that will be chosen by the doll enthusiasts. Our relationships with the employees of DollShe craft are as important as manufacturing good quality dolls. The DollShe craft’s workshop is a place of life. Employees can make a living when earning money. The DollShe craft’s employees are our comrades who have been together for about 15 years at longest.

We cannot afford the 25% sales fee since the material and labor costs are continuously rising due to the decline of the return rate. The continuously rising material and labor costs must be considered if we want to manufacture a ball-jointed doll in Korea. We are currently running our workshop with almost no profit after excluding the doll cost production and a 25% sales fee. There will be a further rise in material and labor costs. The frequent discount promotions and the burden of fees for overseas dealers make it more difficult to operate the workshop in the long run. It is difficult to maintain the business as it is now with the labor-intensive method of manufacturing ball-jointed dolls.

The only way to make good quality dolls for a longer period is to stop all these overseas dealerships now and return to a smaller, independent workshop. And it’s the way for us to be happy.

Delivery delay problems

Currently, orders are placed from the DollShe craft shopping mall and multiple overseas dealers. Because orders are placed from many channels at different times, we experience difficulties determining the shipping orders. The reproduction and shipping schedule cannot be matched. It is inevitable to have a different reproduction schedule; it depends on whether or not the silicon mold is produced and on the silicon mold’s condition according to doll lineups. Orders from overseas dealers are not based on the date the order is placed from a customer, but the payment is made after an order sheet is received to DollShe craft. We are not able to grasp the exact date on which a customer has placed the order.

Increase in order placement only during the discount sales period

It becomes difficult to hire and retain employees as orders increase only during the discount period and orders decline sharply during the non-discount period. We can’t avoid continuing discount sales, which is led to profitability declines and delivery delays repeatedly.

Measures to solve delivery delays

We will stop the big discount promotions and deliver a good quality doll in the shortest time possible. We’ll deliver 50 or less dolls monthly in the max. of three months. Regarding popular dolls, we plan to receive orders only after stock replication. The workshop will be run on a small scale with only less than five employees after we complete shipping all the dolls that have been delayed to be shipped.

Handling delivery of existing orders

We will try to complete all deliveries within 6 to 8 months by hiring part-time contractors for employee recruitment and simple tasks. We are planning to complete more than 70% of the long-overdue deliveries within 6 months.

DollShe craft dolls can only be ordered from the DollShe craft’s official website.

DollShe craft dolls can only be ordered from the DollShe craft’s official website. All dolls sold on eBay or other shopping malls are considered illegal duplicates. If you buy illegally duplicated dolls, it will become difficult for original doll makers to manufacturing good quality dolls due to financial difficulties. Please find the original doll.

Membership will be terminated.

Discount benefits based on membership levels will be terminated following the termination of the overseas dealerships. You can use the discount coupon within 6 months of issuance. Discounts based on membership levels will be terminated. We will consider other benefits than discounts.

Applying for the highest rating equivalent to the 15% discount may be tantamount to another overseas dealer. DollShe craft will receive orders and respond to customers one-on-one.

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