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The status and schedule of 18M Mystic Body

30% of doll as been ordered with layaway plan. Currently we have taken many orders so we will start producing the layaway dolls 3~4 months later from now on, by the time you finish payment. All paid dolls are over 150 units from preorder.
The amount of order tends to be getting bigger since I showed the new body.

Someone who order from today will get the doll next February. We will start shipping early February for them. I’ll try to make waiting time shorter.
The production of doll is faster than our schedule so we will keep this speed.

Thank you for your huge interest in New 18M Mystic Body. We will show you new head of Bermann, Saint and Bernard. There are some opinions that the heads wouldn’t go we with the body but my skill is making something harmonic.

There are difference between Grown Bermann and Original Bermann Their values are different. So the value of the Original Bermann will be kept.

Thank you for all your positive or negative opinions.

Sincerely yours,
DollShe Craft CEO/Master Sculptor


  • Dear Mr. Dollshe,
    When you are ready to show us the new Bermann head, can you also show us the fitting of eyes in the head? 14mm and 16mm eyes? This way, the new owners can shop for the eye size they prefer.
    Thank you! 🙂

    • We have said we will show Grown Bermann Head 3weeks later.
      However, it’s prototype has done earlier than schedule so it will be shown in next week.
      We will update the picture of the head with 14mm and 16mm eyes.

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