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We are discontinuing the 50% discount sale.

We are discontinuing the 50% discount sale.
Hello, I am Sculptor DK.
I have been selling special packages that include all parts with a 50% discount applied to the regular price of the basic package. In reality, the special packages were essentially sold with discounts of up to 70%.
As you know, all employees at Dollshe Craft have resigned, and I am handling all tasks alone. Prototyping requires focus, but managing everything by myself has been physically demanding.
With the increase in labor and material costs, maintaining a 50% discount rate would yield too little profit to hire staff.
Excluding some BJD stock and certain lines, from July onwards, the maximum discount rate will be 30%. The sale of special packages will also be discontinued.
Moving forward, the maximum discount rate available will be 30%. This change will ensure we can continue to offer you high-quality BJDs while maintaining our commitment to excellence.
I will do my best to resolve any issues with delivery delays. I ask for your understanding and continued support.

Sincerely yours,
Sculptor DK

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