Head Compatibility Issues for the New 18M Class, Old 18M Classic, 28M Classic




Dear. Valuable Customers,

There were many inquiries regarding the compatibility of head for New 18M Class, Old 18M Classic, 28M Classic.

28M head is compatible with the new 18M body. It does not fit 100% perfectly and as you can see from the picture there is a small gap between the head and the neck. It does not affect the mobility. The silicon packing in the neck part can fix the tiny gap. In normal people’s eyes, you can say it is perfectly compatible.

The circumference of the neck from 18M body is thinner than that of 28M body so 18M head does not fit on 28M body.

The old 18M head is compatible with the New 18M body.

However, we were not planning of perfect compatibility of the two so it is not 100% perfect. If you have somewhat dexterity, you can make it look perfect with small modification. It just takes some time. The circumference of neck from 18M Pose body is a little thick so the neck part might look thicker when using the old head. Please consider this if you are planning on using the old head for the new 18M Pose body.

Thank you for your interest in the new 18M Arsene.

Dollshe Craft CEO/ Master Sculptor DollShe Ki-Yong

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