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Campaign to stop illegally copied dolls

Why original creations?


We thank you for your love of and support for original BJDs. From time to time, we hear that DollShe craft dolls are being illegally recast and sold.

Where did your beloved dolls come from? From your love. I can only make dolls because there are people like you who care for and love my dolls even more than I do. My work nickname “DollShe” as the master sculptor of DollShe craft comes with the responsibilities and duties you’ve given me. “DollShe craft,” the doll brand, has come this far thanks to your interest and support.

Even though illegally recast dolls may look like the original dolls, they are not of the same value. Original handcrafted dolls only come about through passion and countless hours of hard work and meticulous attention. It is upsetting and frustrating that original dolls, which are like alter egos of the creators, are being illegally recast and sold.

If people continue turning to illegally recast dolls, we can no longer make high-quality original creations. All that DollShe craft has worked for can crumble like a castle made of sand. Illegal recasters and their blind and unethical pursuit of money is trampling on our passion and long hours of hard work. Imagine hearing about an illegal copy of a doll you’ve put so much thought, care, and countless hours of hard work into even before you officially release the doll. Quality is compromised in dolls that are illegally recast or re-recast simply for profit-making. There is no knowing the kind of materials that are used to make these dolls. Nevertheless, recasters sell copies, sometimes deceiving customers that they are original creations and sometimes blatantly selling them for what they are.

We beg you for your continued support for doll brands that are committed to making original creations. Make sure the dolls you’re getting are originals, not illegally recast copies. Please help us maintain an environment in which we can continue to make beautiful, high-quality creations.

Best wishes,

Master Sculptor of DollShe craft