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Why dolls are made after preorder?

Unfortunately, the dolls casted from ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin cannot be free from yellowing. It will turn yellow even if the direct sunlight is blocked immediately after being casted. As soon as it interacts with the oxygen in the air, it starts to lose its color and turn yellow. Even the dolls made with plastic will start to yellow after a long period of time.

We hope our dolls remain unchanged in its good condition for a long time. So we use an appropriate amount of the sunscreen called Sun Devils made by Smooth-On, however, it can delay the time but cannot completely prevent it from yellowing. Therefore, our best solution is to produce the doll with the most fresh material upon receiving the preorder. We only use the ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin (UVPR) that is produced within a month. Newly opened UVPR is used up or thrown out in two weeks as there is an expiration date for it. We use large volume of UVPR since we make not only DollShe craft dolls but also many other artists’ dolls as well.

As per the nature of the handmade dolls, the original figure happens to be cracked or have a slight damage on the surface when we perform silicon molding process. We spend lots of time and effort to retore the original to a perfect condition and refine the surface. It takes about 15 days to work on the silicon molding of 700mm dolls. In order to maintain the high casting quality, we try out best to finish all processes in perfect condition. We perform large volume of silicon molding job as there are many different types of dolls to cast. In reality, since it is impossible to perform silicon molding job immediately, in order to cast after silicon molding is newly done, it takes about minimum one month.

The fact that it takes about a month or two to ship after receiving the order is essential in sending you the doll in its best quality. I cannot guarantee for sure however, if you have received a doll immediately after sending the order, the doll may have been produced a long time ago. It is difficult to tell how safely it was stored and taken care of until it was sent to you.

We understand the painful waiting time after ordering the doll you like and it is certainly understandable that you get frustrated by it. DollShe craft has had an unfortunate shipping delay incident and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it might have caused. However, we have expanded and improved our casting team and been shipping the dolls within a month or two unless there is an emergency situation. Sometimes the dolls are shipped within 2 weeks. It is unfortunate that quick shipping is rarely magnified but the delay always becomes a big issue. There is a research result that just like unproven rumors get misunderstood as truth and rapidly spread via online, bad rumors have strong power of delivery as opposed to good rumors has no power. Sometimes people spread rumors with malicious intent to benefit from the result. They say the malicious rumors on Facebook leaves a strong misguided image even after it is rectified. Maybe it should be my main priority to focus on the reputation more than making good quality dolls.

Realistically speaking, it is difficult to shorten the delivery schedule. Shortening the delivery schedule will only lead to produce bad quality of product and is contrary to our intention to make only the best dolls.

DollShe craft provides various default composition and colors for our customers to choose. This surely is the advantage in purchasing DollShe craft products and we believe this satisfies the different tastes of each enthusiasts. Would it be a good idea to give up the default composition and reduce the choice of option to shorten the delivery schedule?

DollShe craft is a very small workshop and therefore the production capacity is proportionally limited. We may expand the workshop and increase the production capacity, however, we will end up losing one important thing. As production capacity expands, it will be more difficult to contol the quality of the product. It is of our strong intention to maintain our good reputation on the quality of our product. People who order the dolls and wait for a long time have a trust and high expectation from us and we cannot disappoint them.

We should always be honest and the first and last doll should have the same level of quality and that is our main goal. This is why it takes 2 to 3 months in shipping schedule.