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We have gathered here information pertaining to the maintenance and handling of joint dolls (JDs) as well as answers to frequently asked questions about using our website. The materials posted here are based on knowledge and information acquired over years of producing JDs. The use and copying of the materials without permission is prohibited.

(Website-related) DollShe craft business hours?

DollShe craft is closed on Sundays and on Korean national holidays. 
The call center is open Monday ~Friday, 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM (Korean time).

(Website-related) If I have made a direct deposit to DollShe craft’s bank account, how can I confirm that my payment has been received??

Once you place your order and make an online direct deposit, DollShe craft will email you confirming the receipt of your payment. For regular direct deposits, you will receive a payment confirmation email within two days. If you made an online direct deposit but did not receive a confirmation email from us, it may be that 1) the name of the person on the order form does not match the name of the account holder who made the direct deposit payment or 2) there was a typo in the email address you entered during the member registration process.

(Website-related) Regarding membership mileage:?

1% of your purchase amount is added to your membership mileage. Mileage can be used like cash. You can check your mileage on the Membership Mileage page.

(Website-related) I have made my payment but my order status still says “Payment pending.”?

If you have made your payment but your order status indicates that your payment is still pending, 1) your payment was either made after our payment processing hours or 2) the name of the person who made the payment is different from the name of the person who placed the order. If your order status indicates that your payment is pending the day after you have made your payment, please contact our customer service center for assistance.

(Website-related) Do you offer interest-free installment payment plans??

We only offer such a payment plan on certain products. Check a given product’s product information to see if such a payment plan is possible: if possible, it will say “interest-free installment payment plan.” For other products, installment payment plans may be available through your credit card company. However, no installment payment plans are offered for online direct deposits.

(Website-related) Can I return a product and get a refund??

If the product you have received is defective or damaged or if you have received the wrong product, the product can be exchanged within three days upon your receipt of the product. There are no returns and refunds after your have received the product: we only offer exchanges. We do not offer refund or exchanges if the customer simply experiences a change of mind. For exchanges of defective products, DollShe craft pays for shipping. For exchanges of non-defective products, the customer pays for shipping.

(Website-related) How can I cancel my order??

If you have selected to make a direct deposit payment to DollShe craft’s bank account but your payment is not received within a specific period of time (1 week), your order is automatically canceled. If your order has not yet been shipped, you can cancel your order online (if you have already made your payment, it will be refunded). It is impossible to cancel your order once your order has been shipped. For custom order products, you cannot cancel your order once the order has been placed. Therefore, for custom order products, we ask that you think carefully before you make your order decision.

(Website-related) I am not a member. How can I track the status of my order??

If you have placed an order as a non-member, go to the Order/Delivery Status page, enter your ID or order number along with the password you used when you placed your order, and you will be able to see the status of your order.

(Website-related) What is the shipping charge??

The basic shipping charge within Korea is 3,000 won. This charge is waived if your purchase is 100,000 won or greater. However, the customer must pay extra shipping charges applicable to shipments to certain remote areas within Korea regardless of the purchase amount. Also, customers must pay for international shipping charges regardless of the purchase amount.

(Website-related) How long is the delivery period??

In general, a product is delivered in 1~3 days. (However, delivery periods can vary depending on the ordered product.) For custom order products, information on the expected delivery period will be posted in the shipment information section. For shipments within Korea, you can expect to receive your order in 1~3 days after payment confirmation. For international shipments, the delivery period is 7~10 days. Products are generally shipped on the same day that the receipt of the payment for the order has been confirmed. However, if a payment comes in later in the day, the shipment may go out on the following day.

(Website-related) I want the receipt and/or tax invoice for my purchase.?

We can issue a receipt and/or tax invoice if you leave us a note on the online order form or call us. If you need a tax invoice, you have to send us a copy of your certificate for business registration by fax. We do not issue credit card receipts for end-of-the year earned income tax credit purposes as they are issued by your credit card companies.

(Website-related) I cannot find the product I want to order. What can I do??

We try to keep an inventory of DollShe Craft JD-related products that we are unable to include in our online shopping mall selection. Please post your inquiry on our Q&A Board or email us, and we will be happy to assist you. 

(Website-related) Is DollShe’s online shopping mall only open to DollShe members??

You can purchase DollShe craft products even if you are not a member. However, DollShe craft members enjoy many benefits, so we recommend that you register before you make your purchase.

(Website-related) I have forgotten my member ID and/or password.?

If you have forgotten your member ID and/or password, please contact our customer service center. Once we verify your identity, we can send you your ID and password. When you email the customer service center, please include your name and national identification number, and we will promptly process your request.

(Website-related) Your national identification number is already in our database.?

You are a DollShe craft member. If you have lost your member ID and/or password, please contact our customer service center.

(Website-related) I would like to edit my personal information.?

Apart from your member ID, you can edit your personal information on the Edit Personal Information page. As a matter of principle, you cannot change your member ID. However, if you want to change your member ID due to extenuating circumstances, you may do so by contacting our customer service center and verifying your identity.

(Website-related) Delivery period?

DollShe craft operates a pre-order production system for its dolls, so the delivery period is 2~4 weeks. For all other DollShe products, the delivery period is 1~2 days. For information on the shipment of a particular doll or product, please refer to the shipment information section under the product in question. When you place an order for a pre-order product and an in-stock product at the same time, please let us know whether you would like us to ship them together or separately.

(Website-related) DollShe craft bank account information?

Swift code : NACFKRSEXXX
Account number : 453038-56-196118
Depositor : Hwang Eun Suk
Tel : 82-70-8254-0210
Address :DollShe craft, 125-10 2 floor, Goejeong-dong, Seo-gu, Deajean [302-200] Korea

(Website-related) Payment method?

You can make secure credit card payments using the PayPal payment system. You can also make a direct online deposit to DollShe craft’s bank account.

(Website-related) What are the benefits of becoming a DollShe craft member??

Members can accumulate mileage with the products they purchase. The mileage can be used for various rewards on future orders. If you become a registered member, you can enter various promotional events for additional rewards. You can also receive the latest DollShe craft updates. Your personal information is securely managed through our user data management system.

(Doll-related) How can I fastened the eyeball??
(Doll-related) Are DollShe MSJDs and the JDs of other companies mutually compatible??

DollShe MSJDs are produced without consideration of their compatibility with dolls from other production houses. DollShe MSJDs are structurally incompatible with the dolls created by other doll makers and production houses.

(Doll-related) How do I connect the elastic strings??

Dollshe craft JDs have an independent tension (elastic string) attachment configuration, allowing for easy tension (elastic string) replacement. In this configuration, different degrees of tension applies to different body parts, maximizing mobility. This is what sets DollShe craft dolls apart from other JDs. The independent tension (elastic string) attachment configuration enables greater mobility and greater independence of movement of individual parts. Eg) attachment configuration apart from existing tension (elastic string) configurations. Existing dolls have a tension (elastic string) configuration whereby two elastic strings run through the entire length of the body, from the arm to the leg. However, DollShe’s MSJDs have separate elastic strings in the left arm, right arm, from the left leg to the neck, and from the right left to the neck. Therefore, moving one part of the doll’s body does not affect the tension in the others parts of the doll’s body, enabling more subtle and stable poses.

(Doll-related) How can I apply makeup to my doll??

Different makeup, clothes, and wigs can be used to create diverse looks for JDs. It is helpful to study high-quality photos of made-up dolls to learn about various makeup styles. The information below offers some tips on frequently used materials and basic makeup styles.

Materials needed for makeup application

Makeup instructions

1. Clean with thinner and wait until it dries completely.
2. Spray Mr. Super Clear Matte evenly on the area where you will be applying the makeup and wait until it sets completely. Generally, coating the surface with Mr. Super Clear Matte makes the makeup absorb better.
3. Select your preferred color palette for your doll and apply the basic makeup.
4. Ground pastels into fine powder and apply with a brush.
5. When you finish applying the basic makeup, coat the surface with Mr. Super Clear Matte. 
6. Draw lips and eyebrows with a hair pen. If you want to add translucence to the lips, apply clear enamel.

(Doll-related) What are the materials I need to do aesthe (sanding) work and how is aesthe (sanding) work done??

1. To do aesthe (sanding) work, you need: 300-grit sandpaper, 600-grit sandpaper, 3M Super Fine Sponge
Sandpaper, 3M Micro Fine Sponge Sand Paper, gas mask, some kind of container for water, and towel.

2. Using 300-grit sandpaper, sand along the curves of the doll to restore the original form. Remove all parting lines at this stage.

3. Use the Super Fine Sponge Sandpaper to sand down subtle angles to produce more fluid curves.

4. Use the 600-grit sandpaper to further smooth out the areas that had been sanded with the Super Fine Sponge Sandpaper. Relax your hand and sand gently and softly, following the doll’s contours.

5. Put water on 3M Micro Fine Sand Paper to minimize friction. Sand in gentle, circular motions. 

6. Gently rub the areas that had been sanded with the 3M Micro Fine Sand Paper.

* Microscopic urethane particles that blow about during the aesthe (sanding) process can damage your respiratory system. It is highly recommended that you wear a gas mask or a dustproof mask.

(Doll-related) I want to undertake aesthe (sanding) work myself. How should I proceed??

It is impossible for JDs, which are reproduced by hand, to be free of parting lines: the lines are imprints of the opening lines of the silicon mold. Silicon casting is done by hand, so the parting lines are not even. Because these parting lines undermine the evenness and aesthetic sophistication of the doll, aesthe (sanding) work is done to remove them. Aesthe (sanding) is process by which the parting lines are removed in a way intended by the sculpt producer to enhance the evenness and aesthetic sophistication of the reproduced JDs. In other words, the aesthe (sanding) process aims to refine the reproduction so that it becomes as close in form as the original model. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the form and structure of JDs is required to do aesthe (sanding) work properly. Aesthe (sanding) work can be done just by following the general contours of the doll’s form if the doll is of a relatively simple design. However, when it comes to more realistic JDs that have complex curves, aesthe (sanding) must be done in such a way as to maintain these subtle curves if the original sculptural and aesthetic value of the dolls is to be preserved. If you are not confident about your aesthe (sanding) skills and knowledge, it is recommended that you use the services of a specialist. DollShe craft’s aesthe (sanding) specialists have received direct training from the sculptor. DollShe specialists’ aesthe (sanding) work is also subject to a rigorous quality control process. Aesthe (sanding) is not simply a matter of removing parting lines. It is a process by which a reproduced JD is “restored” into an original model.

(Doll-related) Are pale tan, tan, and ebony skin dolls more expensive than pale, flesh, and oriental skin dolls??

The production process for pale tan, tan, and ebony skin dolls is more complex than for normal skin and pale skin dolls. Furthermore, their defective rates are higher. Ultra-low viscosity polyurethane is a thermosetting polyurethane that produces heat and hardens in a chemically stable state when the monomer and curing agent are mixed at a 1:1 ratio by weight. To create darker skin tones like pale tan, tan, and ebony, a large amount of urethane coloring agent is added when the monomer and curing agent are mixed. However, if not mixed properly, it can lead to marbling. In general, around twenty high-quality dolls can be reproduced from a single silicon mold. However, taking into consideration the high defective rates, only around four high-quality pale tan, tan, or ebony skin dolls can be reproduced from a single silicon mold. That is why they are sold at higher prices than pale, flesh, and oriental skin dolls.

(Doll-related) How can I do aesthe (sanding) work on sun tan and ebony skin tones??

Pale tan, tan, and ebony skin tones are more difficult to produce and have higher defective rates than normal and pale skin tones. It is impossible to do aesthe (sanding) work on pale tan, tan, and ebony skin dolls. With aesthe (sanding) work, the color variation becomes too noticeable. Pale tan, tan, and ebony skin dolls are reproduced in such a way as to minimize parting lines. Even when it comes to reproduction, it is difficult to produce more than four reproductions of pale tan, tan, and ebony skin dolls from a single silicon mold.

(Doll-related) A part has been has been partially damaged. What should I do??

A partially damaged part should be replaced. If the damage was caused by the owner’s mishandling or negligence, the part can be replaced at a cost. Replacement parts used to show subtle color variations from the replaced parts. It was a generally accepted that such color variations were unavoidable given that JDs are handcrafted and given their reproduction method. However, with the launch of the DSAM Body and Origin Head in November 2008, DollShe craft has devised a urethane color scheme system that can produce replacement parts that show no detectable color variation from the original parts. However, little can be done to combat the yellowing of JDs that occurs with the passage of time. Yellowing, too, is a unique characteristic of JDs. We ask for your attentive care and handling to minimize yellowing and damages.

(Doll-related) What can I do about yellowing??

JDs are made of ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin that yellow with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The best thing is keep your dolls away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. When yellowing has set in, some people sand the entire surface of the doll with fine sand paper. Sanding makes the overall skin tone lighter, but it does not restore the original color. If you want some lightening, albeit subtle, sand the entire surface of the doll using only 3M’s Mirco Fine or Ultra Fine Sandpaper. If you are going to use non-3M sandpaper, use at least 600-plus grit sandpaper. You must be very careful when undertaking any aesthe (sanding) work. Without a proper understanding of the doll’s shape, excessive sanding can damage the doll’s original sculptural beauty and form.

(Doll-related) What can I use to erase my doll’s make-up??

Dab soft cloth or sponge with enamel thinner or lacquer thinner to remove the makeup. Acetone and Magic Erasers are generally used, but tests have confirmed that they can corrupt urethane.