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About DollShe craft Casting Center

Introducing The Dollshe craft reproduction center

The DollShe craft Reproduction Center is operated by DollShe craft. Making quality dolls requires expertise in original model production and in-depth knowledge and technical prowess in doll reproduction. DollShe craft continually strives to equip itself with optimized technology and equipment for silicone casting to raise the quality of our dolls. A detailed consultation with the DollShe craft Reproduction Center about producing original models and silicone casting will help you create higher quality original models. We believe DollShe craft can be a trusted partner to those who have difficulties finding a reliable place to learn reproduction techniques in an industry fraught with frequent cases of illegal reproductions and pirated original models that go against business ethics and cause loss and damage.

DollShe craft Reproduction Center’s reproductions are of premium quality

*Standardized urethane color scheme system

With the introduction of our new urethane color scheme system, DollShe craft has succeeded in creating uniform skin tones. After many tests, we have minimized color variations to such an extent that they are not noticeable to the naked eye. DollShe craft offers enhanced equalized urethane color scheme standards that enable the sale and replacement of individual parts. The DollShe craft Reproduction Center offers our customers with six optimized basic skin tones created by DollShe craft. DollShe craft’s systematized urethane color scheme creates skin tones with optimized color balance suitable for all styles of makeup application. In addition to the six basic skin tones, DollShe craft Reproduction Center is also able to create a wide array of other colors, including green and pink.

* Premium-quality reproductions

DollShe craft only fabricates premium-quality reproductions. Our reproductions are free of air bubbles and impurities because they go through a urethane filtering process. We use vacuum molds and optimized equipment tools, and we draw on diverse materials and data and a thorough understanding of the reproduction process.

* Specialized, expert workforce

At DollShe craft, each step of the joint doll (JD) reproduction process–silicone mold fabrication, reproduction, basic aesthe, original model restoration aesthe–is specialized. Everyone at DollShe craft continually strives to make premium JDs. Any reproduction that does not meet our stringent and high standards are disposed of. We operate an accountability system whereby the output of each step of the production process undergoes thorough quality control.

What is silicone casting?

Silicone casting is one of the most intricate handcrafted JD reproduction methods. Urethane casting resin is injected into a silicone mold. This method can reproduce the finest surface details, including both glossy and matte surface textures as well as the most minute imperfections. Silicone casting enables highly intricate reproductions as it is subject to relatively few limitations in terms of shapes and forms. It is a method well suited for JDs, figurines, and handicraft pieces, which require multi-product small-lot-sized reproduction. It is also a method that yields high-quality reproductions.

Silicone mold fabrication process

Coating of original model, gate treatment, surface treatment (5 days)
PS-board mold fabrication, mixing of silicone (2 days)
Silicone drying (12 hours; 24 hours in the winter)
Silicone cutting, urethane coloring, and reproduction quality control (1 day)

The silicone mold fabrication process takes a total of 9 days.

* The silicone mold fabrication period is based on the average output of one person. The period may vary depending on the reproduction center’s work schedule and workload.
* The silicone mold fabrication period may vary depending on the number of parts comprising the original model and the complexity of the gate treatment process.

Silicone casting process

Taping of the silicone mold>urethane coloring>mock reproduction for adjustment of skin tone>preparation of urethane out of monomer and curing agent>vacuum mold> preparation of urethane mixture, injection of mixture into mold>hardening of urethane>removal of reproduction>1st quality control>2nd quality control

Business hours


9:00 a. m. – 6:00 p. m.

Maximum daily output

DollShe craft’s maximum daily output fluctuates depending on the work schedule of the DollShe craft workshop. The maximum daily output is determined by volume of reproduction orders. Taking into consideration the rate of defective reproductions, 2-3 reproductions are possible per day from 1 silicone mold. For a large order (over 40 reproductions) for a single doll, we fabricate two molds and can make 5-6 reproductions per day.

* Maximum daily output can vary by doll size. For dolls under 1,000g, we can make 4-5 reproductions per day taking into consideration the rate of defectiveness. For dolls over 1,000g, we can make 2-3 reproductions per day.

Quality standards for reproductions

In presenting a clear set of standards for determining the reproduction quality of handcrafted dolls, DollShe craft hopes to enhance the understanding of the subtle quality variations that inevitably arise in the production process of handcrafted dolls. The standards listed below are based on the common challenges we have confronted over the many years of direct experience in silicone casting and working with vacuum molds.

Causes of defects and standards of defectiveness in reproduced dolls

● Air bubble

* Cause(s) of defect

To reproduce premium-quality dolls with a silicone mold, a vacuum mold is used to remove the air bubbles in the urethane that forms on the dolls’ bodies. However, even with a vacuum mold, a misconstruction of the gate (passage through which the casting agent is injected) or the doll’s size can create very small air bubbles. That is, using a vacuum mold does not eliminate 100% of the air bubbles. The formation of air bubbles is more frequent during the hot and humid summer months.

* Standard of defectiveness

A reproduction is defective if there is are air bubbles visible to the naked eye.

● Impurity

* Cause(s) of defect

The silicone mold is taped up by hand for reproduction. Impurities sometimes fall into the silicone in this process and end up in the reproduction. The minute particles of the curing agent of ultra-low viscosity polyurethane sometimes end up in the reproduction and look like impurities.

* Standard of defectiveness

A reproduction is defective there is are impurities visible to the naked eye.

● Marbling

* Cause(s) of defect

In order to create the desired skin tone, a special coloring, whose main ingredient is urethane, is mixed into the special ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin that comprises the doll’s body. Ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin is made of 1 part monomer and 1 part curing agent by weight. A device called the speed control mixer installed in the vacuum mold is used to quickly mix the two substances. If the two substances are not properly mixed, they cause a marbling effect on the doll’s surface. Marbling is generally more common on dolls with darker skin tones.

* Standard of defectiveness

A reproduction is defective if the monomer and curing agent of the ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin are not mixed properly and cause a marbling effect on the doll’s surface.

● Milky way effect

* Cause(s) of defect

The Milky Way effect is when the doll’s urethane surface is excessively shiny, has subtle scratches, and appears transluscent. One of the two main causes of the Milky Way effect is the excessive transference of the releasing agent (a substance that comes out of the silicone that facilitates the extrication of a reproduction from the mold), which is naturally released by the silicone mold. Another key cause is the excessive presence of moisture in the ultra-low viscosity polyurethane. Suppressing and controling the Milky Way effect is one of the most difficult aspects of the reproduction process.

* “The Milky Way effect” is a term devised by DollShe craft to easily refer to the defect described above.

* Standard of defectiveness

A reproduction is detective if the doll’s urethane surface is excessively or unevenly shiny, has subtle scratches, and appears transluscent, and if such irregularities cannot be removed through the aesthe process

● Premature injection of monomer

* Cause(s) of defect

Ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin, which makes up the doll’s body, consists of the monomer and the curing agent. The two substances are usually mixed in a 1:1 ratio by weight. When they mix, they produce heat, cause a chemical reaction, and harden completely. In other words, the resin the two substances comprise is thermosetting. The premature injection of the monomer into the silicone mold causes defective hardening whereby parts of the surface of the reproduced doll becomes sticky. It is very important that the curing agent goes in before the monomer. However, as the vacuum mold reaches a vacuum state, the difference in pressure sometimes causes the monomer to splatter and flow into the silicone mold before the curing agent.

* Standard of defectiveness

A reproduction is detective if its surface is sticky due to the premature injection of the monomer.

* A reproduction is not defective if there is subtle glossiness, what appears to be a stain left my flowing water, or unevenness due to parting lines, none of which corresponds to the defect described above. JD production is almost entirely done by hand. Accordingly, subtle irregularities cannot be avoided. We ask for your understanding concerning these intrinsic traits of JDs.

* The above photos of defects depict relatively serious defects that are easily distinguishable. These defects do occur every now and again during the production process given that almost everything is done by hand. Nevertheless, DollShe craft’s final product is always a premium quality doll that has passed many quality control tests and inspections. The photos and information about defects are to illustrate the difficulties involved in the production process of handmade dolls and the irregularities that inevitably arise.

* A reproduction is of premium quality only if it is free of air bubbles and impurities. A premium reproduction has minimal parting lines, which allows for a consistent urethane coloring that leads to an even and consistent skin tone.

Defective product disposal

Defective dolls are incinerated by a specialized incineration services provider. The incineration is to ensure that defective products do not unwittingly go into circulation. For a defective head, the nose, ears, and eyes are completely destroyed prior to its disposal.

After-sale service

The finalized premium-quality reproduction is shipped. The customer has 1 month upon receipt to thoroughly examine the reproduction and notify DollShe craft if there are any defects or problems. After examining and verifying the reported defects or problems, DollShe craft will provide relevant after-sale service(s).

Reproducible dolls

Only authentic creations

DollShe craft only reproduces original dolls. We do not reproduce dolls that have been illegally customized or lack photographic evidence of the work process proving that the doll is an original model. If you are thinking about making reproductions, please be sure to take pictures of the work process and have them handy. DollShe craft Reproduction Center does not reproduce original models whose authenticity cannot be verified.

Only original models structurally suited for reproduction

The original model must be of a structure suitable for silicone casting. Just about any exterior structure can be reproduced, but the interior must be constructed in a specific manner.

The interior must be constructed as follows:

Refer to sample picture

Reproduction schedule

Dollshe craft strives to process reproduction orders as quickly as possible. When an order is placed, we provide our customer with a tentative schedule. The schedule, however, sometimes require adjustments due to unexpected setbacks that may arise in the course of a production process done by hand. The vacuum mold may need repair and/or maintenance work. The high heat and humidity in the summer may raise the defective rate. There may be delays in urethane coloring (DollShe craft makes several mock reproductions to create even skin tones free of visible color variations by using our systematized urethane coloring data). These setbacks may change the schedule by ±1-2 weeks. Setting too tight a schedule may lead to misunderstandings and inconvenience as well as problems in the reproduction(s). Please make sure to take this into consideration when setting your schedule for reproduction. For the sake of a relationship founded on trust, we kindly ask for your flexibility and understanding regarding scheduling matters.

Reproduction order process

1. Determining reproducibility

*After a thorough discussion, a reproduction order is processed once the original model is determined to have a reproducible structure and photographic evidence of the production process.

2. Order consultation and confirmation

DollShe craft and the customer discuss the specifications of the order: reproduction volume, schedule, and so on. DollShe craft contacts the customer for a final confirmation.

3. Issuance of invoice and verification of payment
4. completion of reproduction and delivery

* Reproductions are shipped out of DollShe craft every Friday. AS

5. Verification of reproduction and after-sale service

* For faster and better A/S service (adjusting the urethane skin tone, shortening the A/S schedule), please contact us as soon as possible upon receiving your reproduction(s).

To keep in mind when placing a reproduction order

* The actual delivery date of the final reproduction(s) can be 1-2 weeks earlier or later than originally planned depending on the workload and work progress. Please make sure that the final delivery date you set has room for adjustments.

*The original model should come with the resin primer surfacer applied. Silicone casting reproduces even the subtlest scratches and other irregularities. In other words, the surface is reproduced 100%. Accordingly, the surface of the original model has to be treated perfectly to produce premium-quality reproductions.)

*We do not remove gates and parting lines. (The service is available at an extra change.))

* The original model may sustain damage during shipping. Please make sure to pack it properly and thoroughly. (Please wait at least 24 hours after treating the original model with resin primer surfacer before shipping. If the original model is shipped before the resin primer has dried completely, the surface may crack and get imprints on it.)

*Please call us before shipping the original model.

*Depending on the material(s), the original model may be damaged during the silicone casting process. (We will send you an additional reproduction you may use as the secondary original model for future reproductions.)