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What makes it a genuine BJD?

Sincerity and the value cannot be compared

The genuine dolls are made with a long period of time followed by sincerity and effort. The reason why we put so much effort and time in making the doll is because we are fully aware how much the enthusiasts love their dolls. The value of the genuine product can be found from the sincerity of the sculptor and the respect for the enthusiasts. The illegal replicas do not have any respect for the enthusiasts and the original sculptor.

There is no distortion of the form

Genuine dolls are casted from the original prototype and, therefore, minimizes the distortion of the shape. It preserves the unique image of the doll without the damage caused by second contraction. The counterfeit dolls that are replicated number of times have a distorted shape due to large variation of contraction. This causes the change of image and negatively affects the movement and independence of the doll.

Reliable After Sales Service

In case the parts are damaged and need to be replaced, we provide the parts with minimum of difference in color from the original. Since each illegal counterfeit dolls have different colors, it is very difficult to receive after sales service.

Resistant to change of color (Yellowing)

Most ball jointed dolls made by ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin tend to turn yellow after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. In order to slow down this phenomemon as much as possible, we use an appropriate amount of the sunscreen called Sun Devils made by Smooth-On, however, the illegal replica manufacturers cannot afford to use this heavy cost product.