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Dear members,

Thank you for your support and steady love. By opening our new website, we have undergone improvements on both usability as well as stability. To give each and every one of our members benefit, we have decided to implement ranking system.

To those who own DollShe craft’s genuine doll, can contact us and we will be happy to adjust your ranking accordingly in order to provide variety benefits.

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely yours,
DollShe craft

Membership Ranking Standards

Depending on membership ranking, following benefits will be given.

Diamond – Owners who own more than 20 genuine DollShe dolls
Gold – Owners who own more than 10 genuine DollShe dolls
Silver – Owners who own more than 5 genuine DollShe dolls
Bronze – Members will get automatic upgrade from the first purchase after registration.

Benefits Toward Rankings

Diamond – 15% discount on dolls
Gold – 10% discount on dolls
Silver – 5% discount on dolls
Bronze – 1% discount on dolls

* All items excluding dolls will be given different discounts depending on rankings.