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1. We DollShe craft provides layaway plan in order to advance receiving date of your doll. This plan applies to all our merchants but needs to exceed minimum amount of USD 200. Once the initial payment is received, the casting will begin, therefore, shortening the production cycle.

2. The layaway plan can be set up to maximum of 120 days and three equal payments. The initial payment is due at the completion of your order. The second payment will be due after 30 days, and third payment after 60 days. If schedule of installments is provide to us within 120 days, maximum of 4 installments can be adjusted accordingly.

3. Payments can be made by using ‘PayPal’ service. After making your order on the website, pay the first installment by using PayPal account, then we will be receiving the order. Finally, the order information will be sent to your email account.

* A layaway order cannot be cancelled after making the 1st payment. In the case of unfortunate circumstances beyond our control (death, disappearance, etc.), DollShe craft will issue a refund “less a 25% restocking fee.” The casting begins after the first payment. Simply cancelling the order is not possible, so please place your order carefully.

Layaway Order Process

1. Fill out the order form on our website, divide the number of installments you wish to make out of your total, and write down the date you wish to make the payment.

2. Pay the installments by using PayPal.

3. After receiving the order, the doll will be in production.

4. There will be no separate bill for the order. Please submit the payments according your schedule. If an agreed amount is not received or received late, we will be contacting you.

5. Once the last payment is received, we will be preparing the shipment.

* Please check if the e-mail matches with PayPal account once more. Confirm the installments by logging into PayPal website. PayPal will provide email receipt.

Layaway Plan

For example, let’s say the order was placed with a total sum of USD 1000 on July 1st,

If you wish to have three installments,

July 1st – 1st payment USD 330
August 1st – 2nd payment USD 330
September 1st – 3rd payment USD 340

If you wish to have four installments,

July 1st – 1st payment USD 250
August 1st – 2nd payment USD 250
September 1st – 3rd payment USD 250
October 1st – 4th payment USD 250

PayPal’s layaways plan

All records (order number, name of product, price, shipping fee, quantity, etc.) will be kept. On the payment title, please write your order number and check if all the informations are written correctly, then make your payment via PayPal.

DollShe craft paypal account
Production Kick-Off Date

The produciton began when final installment was paid, but now, the production will begin at the receipt of second payment. Before your second installment, you may change your order information.

Although we have provided 100% refund when canceling your order even if it was against our policy, we now take restocking fee of 30% and refund the money back. Please carefully note that while you’re taking your orders.