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Why you should not purchase a counterfeit BJD?

The material used to make the counterfeit products are unverified

What if the doll you caress and care everyday has harmful substances? Illegal counterfeit manufacturers advertise that they use only the best material and their replica is no different than the genuine products. Can you indeed trust their words when they are always violating the law and make a living off of stealing other artists’ creation?

Please do not judge the original based on the impression of the counterfeit dolls

Counterfeit products are literally fake products and cannot expect to have the same quality as the original. Also, please do not carry the impression or the image of the counterfeit products onto the original and judge by it. You will feel the noticeable difference once you get to compare the two in person. The original dolls are casted based on the original prototype and minimizes the distortion in shape. It preserves its unique and original image without damage caused by secondary contraction. The counterfeit dolls that are replicated number of times have a distorted shape due to large variation of contraction. This causes the change of image and negatively affects the movement and independence of the doll.

What would illegal counterfeit manufacturers think of their customers?

Customers whom buy their fake products are simply their prey to help them make money. Their only intention is to fill their pockets by using their customers. They may sound and act nice to you but they do not respect you at all.

How can we stop counterfeit products from being sold?

Realistically it is nearly impossible to stop counterfeit products from being sold. Do you think buying a fake product is one’s freedom to choose? It is indeed not a matter of one’s choice. It is act of infringement of the original creator and polluting of the environment that enthusiasts can encounter great dolls. If you have bought a counterfeit doll because it was cost effective, you might have contributed to destroying our dream and future.
The least you can do is not to instigate or advocate to buy counterfeit dolls.

Only your correct recognition, love and care for the dolls may save the original dolls. Please consider our original dolls. When there is more demand for the original dolls, it can save the environment to make more beautiful dolls.

We will always strive to make the best quality doll ever.