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Casting FAQ

We have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. For your convenience, the questions are categorized into “Doll-related” and “Website-related.” If you have any questions for us, please check the FAQ section first. If you still have additional questions, please post them on our Q&A Bulletin Board. For questions posted on the Q&A Bulletin Board that have already been answered in the FAQ section, we will simply copy-paste the existing response. We ask for you understanding on this matter.

Can I trust the DollShe craft Reproduction Center??

The DollShe craft Reproduction Center is operated by DollShe craft. We only make original handcrafted dolls. We have never suffered any loss or damage from pirated copies. Producers of original dolls desperately need a place they can trust to make reproductions of their original models. The reproduction center run by DollShe craft only reproduces original dolls. The DollShe craft Reproduction Center only makes premium-quality reproductions. Doll reproduction is fraught with challenges. DollShe craft believes we can help sculptors concentrate solely on creating original models.

Why do reproduction orders placed from locations outside Korea have to include basic aesthe??

Gates are inevitably created on jointed dolls (JDs) during the reproduction process as it is through the gates that the materials making up the dolls are poured in. When the parting lines are removed from JDs, air bubbles underneath the gates, which had not been visible, may surface. It is very difficult to determine whether or not a reproduction is defective before the gate is removed. Therefore, gate removal and basic aesthe are important. With overseas orders, A/S is quite complicated and difficult. Therefore, we are requiring the inclusion of basic aesthe for overseas reproduction orders in order to minimize any problems that may require A/S.

Is it possible to pay the reproduction fee in installments??

It is our policy to receive the full payment before we begin reproductions. Even with large orders, it is our policy to receive an advance payment for 20 dolls, complete that part of the order, and ship them out before starting on the next 20. In other words, payments and reproductions are done in batches of 20 even for large orders. With a large order, however, we can set a schedule before starting the work, thereby reducing the total amount of time taken to complete the given order.

How are reproductions shipped??

It is our policy to send all reproductions in a single shipment after the entire reproduction work has been completed. Each reproduced doll is wrapped individually along with the invoice. If you would like to receive a part of the order first, you will be responsible for the extra shipping cost.

I want to reproduce a large number of units. Are there any discounts??

Because silicone casting is done by hand, a large reproduction volume does not significantly raise reproduction efficiency. For premium-quality reproductions, each mold is used to make about 25 units. Taking into consideration one defective reproduction that commonly results in the first casting as well as some 30% defective rate caused by impurities and air bubbles, each mold can yield up to 20 premium-quality reproductions.

Can I take the silicone mold when the reproduction process is over??

By rule, we destroy the silicone mold after a certain period of time. We store it for about 6 months and then destroy it. With time, the silicone mold loses its elasticity and becomes prone to tearing. Therefore, it is not possible to make additional reproductions from it.

Is it possible to go right into reproduction as soon as I place an order??

If there are elements unsuitable for reproduction, we undertake some modifications. After that, we can provide a tentative schedule once you have selected the skin tone, surface texture, and other specifications, and once the reproduction cost has been determined. Should there be no other problems, we go right into fabricating a silicone mold.

Is a consultation required for reproduction??

An original model must fulfill certain specifications if it is to be reproduced. It is commonly assumed that any original model can be reproduced through silicone casting using a vacuum mold. However, this is not true. Most original models need to be modified before they become suitable for reproduction. For first-timers, in particular, creating an original model suitable for reproduction is difficult. We provide relevant know-how on making an original model as well as an overview of the entire reproduction process. According, a consultation can help you make a better original model. If you are considering reproducing large quantities, we highly recommend that you consult directly with us.

Do you reproduce modified dolls created by other production houses??

Yes, so long as they are modified versions of your own or your production house’s original creations. We do not reproduce modified dolls whose original version was created by someone or a production house other than the inquiring customer. We cannot reproduce dolls without evidence of their authenticity, such as original models or photos of the production process.

What about the surface texture of reproduced dolls??

We can reproduce the dolls in glossy, semi-glossy, and matte textures. We do the surface treatment if you send us a completed original model. It is not possible to reproduce one unit in glossy and another in matte. We treat the surface of the original model and then proceed with the silicone molding process. Therefore, it is difficult to reproduce glossy, semi-glossy, and matte dolls from a single mold. Moreover, the reproduction of dolls of different surface textures from one mold increases variability. Therefore, we can only reproduce dolls of a single surface texture for every mold. It is generally easier to preserve an original model that has been coated with resin primer surfacer.

What material(s) should the original model be made of for reproduction??

Original models made of any molding and sculpting material, including epoxy putty, sculpey, clay, and cibatool, can be reproduced. However, we recommend using epoxy putty for the preservation of the original model. All other materials tend to get damaged during the reproduction process.

How should I construct the interior structure of the doll??

If you are considering reproduction, the interior structure of the doll is important. It is possible to reproduce the doll in its entirety and then hollow out the interior. However, this increases the rates of contraction and defectiveness as well as the variability among the reproduced dolls. Therefore, we reproduce original models whose interior has been hollowed out. We will be happy to provide you detailed instructions on how to evenly hollow out the interior upon inquiry.

What is the minimum order volume??

The minimum order volume is 10 units. Given the time and cost that go into fabricating a silicone mold, we do reproduce any batch smaller.