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30% discounted sale will extend until January to celebrate overseas dealership attraction.


We make a contract dealership with shops around the world to attend event abroad and to promote Dollshe Craft. Also according to demand, we decide to extend discount sale until January. It’s going to be proceeded with authorized dealer and on our website.

Some products are excluded from the discount.
– A limited dolls, Order Made BJD , Bubblepet Molly , costumes, accessory etc.

The Christmas event is over. We take a lot of orders during the time that.
So we increase the staff for swift delivery.

Thank you


  • I notice fashion size Robin and Rosa are no longer on the site at all. Have you permanently cancelled them? Or will they be available later?

    • Hands are too small to make nails and wrinkle like classic line. so It is hard to sale them again. we’re going to issue discount coupon and give classic line doll as gift to customer who ordered existing fashion size Robin and Rosa.
      we will announce our decision concerned with production.

  • About fashion size Robin and Rosa (and other children) I think than chindish hands with less detail would be OK for them. Usually kids have softer hands, with chubby fingers. I really like Fashion line scale and I would like you to produce all you models in 1/4 scale.

    • The doll in classic line are also made into fashion lines.
      But, we don’t have enough time to make them right now because we have to complete the delayed shipment and keep produce the original form on schedule.

      The customer who ordered the fashion line Rosa and Robin will receive full package of classic line doll.

      It is uncertain when to start making the Fashion line Rosa and Robin again.
      Above all, to finish to make the original form perfectly and then we’ll release the dolls.

  • Hello, I was wondering if the new mystic body will be available at some point after the discount sale. I would love to buy this body in the future when I have the funds. Thank you~

  • Hello,

    will you make a list of official dealers please?

    I see a lot of people who say they are your official dealer, but I do not want to buy from them unless you say they are official. 🙂

    • We are editing on page for the list of international dealers.
      If you tell us where do you live, then we can let you know dealers near your address.
      We sent same information to your e-mail, so you can give us answer through e-mail.

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