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Discount for limited edition doll full package

limited edition doll full package

We offer you a limited edition doll as a full package for a month.
The information of component of full package is on product page of our website.


26th April – 26th May

Classic lines offered Full packageDiscount

– 28M Classic
– 26F Classic
– 18M Classic Arsene
– 8B Classic
– 6G Classic

Classic lines offered Fashion package

– 28M fashion
– 26F Fashion
– 18M Fashion Arsene

* 18M Mystic body + Grown head, Vampire Khan, BubblePet excluded from the full package sale.


  • Hi ^_^
    What will be included in full package promotion for 26F classic and 26F fashion?
    I am very interested.

    • Three Bust parts , Makeup Gesture Hands , Hands placed around the waist , High Heeled Feet, High Heeled Calf is included in full package.

  • hi there,
    the title mentions “discount”. does this mean there will be a sale price again? or does the price stay the same?


    • This is the event which offer customer full package(including all parts) as same price as a head and a body.

  • Hi, I just wanted to check, does the full package mean these dolls, like the 28M Classic, will come with both the OE and SA versions of their heads?

    • If you order full package during the period, each type of part is included.
      Among 28M Classic dolls, dolls which have SA head are David Kuncci and Grant Phillippe.

  • Hi! so to clarify, you will get the whole set for the sale price? (30%) off? Im interested in the Amanda (65 cm) how much would she be?

    • We are accepting the order of stock.
      That is discounted 30%, but it is not full package.
      The price of doll can be different depending on color, so please check it on the website.

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