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Extending the period of discount sale

30% discount sale is done on 5th Feb. But, there are lots of international dealers who make a contract with us recently did not get the chances. We heard that they have had problems of promoting our products to recruit customers during the period of discount sale. Because they have a short time. So, the period will be valid by 20th March by accepting comments of international dealers.

After this discount sale, there is no big discount event.
Please note this to the customers also.

Thank you.


  • Are you kidding me? First you say that the discount period ends on such a date and now you extend it?!? I think you should consider the effort that your consumers make to be able to buy your dolls .. I feel that it only moves you want to get more money than respect your public consumer. If you say something you have to comply and do not come out with these surprises because some of us strive hard to have the money before the deadline of the offer period

    • If we make you upset, then sorry for about it.
      We did not mean you disrespect.
      If there are no people who make an order, Dollshe Craft also cannot survive.
      But, the reason why the period is extended because there are lots of international dealers who make a contract with us recently did not get the chances for their customers.
      After this discounted sale, we will make strict rule.

  • Great. That is good to know. But how do we place the order here?? I have tried and the fashion 16 female still shows out of stock.

  • Dear Master,
    It seems a little bit unlogical to extend the discount period for your own web-resourse and shop if you take care about your international dealers. If you provide them with the opportunity to sell your dolls with discount for the mentioned period and at the same time you might close your own shop, this step would support your international dealers. If you you continue to sell your own dolls you become the competitor for the dealers. In any case it is your decision as the owner and CEO

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