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Michael Bowie Special Event









Michael Bowie Special Event

To commemorate the launch of Michael Bowie’s EN and SA heads, we are hosting a 30% off event.

This event is both time and quantity limited. The limited quantity is 10 dolls, and the limited ordering period is 10 days.

Classic Maxi Michael Bowie’s EN head and SA head are introduced.

Furthermore, her head structure is different in the new EN and SA heads.
The EN head features half-open eyes and the SA head has a serene sleeping expression.

The full package configuration includes both the EN head and the SA head.
The basic package is offered at a 30% discount.

When the limited quantity of 10 dolls is exhausted, the event will end.

Order Period

August 28 – September 28

Ends early when 10 orders have been placed.

Limited Quantity Event

Ten bodies available in total

Special package configuration

OE head+EN head+SA head+body+Gesture hand type 1+Gesture hand type 2+Gesture hand type 3+Flip flop foot part+Clothing exchange hand parts

Basic configuration

Head + body

* Additional parts are also offered at a 30% discount.



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