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Order-made BJD for Johnny Depp of Pirates of the Caribbean

We produce Order-made BJD for Johnny Depp of Pirates of the Caribbean
All limited edition dolls will only be 99 units.

I will keep you updated by showing you the process and where we are.

Sincerely yours,
DollShe Craft CEO/Master Sculptor


    • He has beard. We will make beard separately as a single part.
      Without beard, Johnny Depp looks weird?
      We need to consider it when we produce,
      but we think that Johnney depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean should have beard:)

    • It is a doll, so it is very hard to make it with beard at one time.
      The beard part is made separately, and then it will be attached to a doll.
      If there is a new update, and we will let you know.

  • He looks great. I’m excited that I ordered him 😀
    You say you will make the beard as a separate part, does that mean the head and beard are not attached and I can decide if I want to attach the beard or not when I receive him?

    • Johnny Depp has been decided to make without having beard.
      Even though it can be re-made in the status of 3D modeling, there is a still hard part to make him as a real doll. A goal is not to re-make him like Pirates of the Caribbean, so it can be enough to express Johnny Depp with make-up. If beard, eyebrow, and mustache are painted, then Johnny Depp can be expressed. Nobody cannot recognize him.

      Customers can try to wear various wigs and to do various face-ups depend on their taste, so we think that it is better to make Johnny Depp without having beard, eyebrow, and mustache. Soon, the process of production of Johnny Depp will be updated.

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