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We release new Grown Bermann Head




























I have made Grown Bermann Head with the perfect proportion for 18M Mystic Body. The head is not too small and also not too big. Grown Bermann has the image that Original Bermann has. I maximized perfection on the Grown Bermann, while remaking the doll.

There are big differences in his silhouette. I made the width of his face narrow, and his chin a little longer. I made his backhead and forehead jump out. When you put the head on to him his head looks narrow but looks young with the slim Mystic Body.

He has OE Head and SA Head. OE Head as same shape of eye with Original Bermann. The eye are closed in SA Head. I made him more mature than Original Bermann.

The detail of his eyes, nose mouth and ears shows perfection. His ears got a little bigger with some new details.


I modified the neck on Mystic Body and made it longer.

I will produce 500 limited editions no matter what type of remaking Bermann, Saint, or Bernard. We have taken about 200units of Classic lines so far which includes those on layaway.

We don’t sell head only for the limited edition.

I will show you Grown Saint and Grown Bernard heads soon.

I appreciate someone who ordered without knowing how it would look like with trust. We have provided the sale event to someone who preordered (blind order).


  • Great news! Very good work, master. The body and head perfectly. Thank you! I’ll look forward to the order. )) And really want to see the new head Saint. I wish you success!

  • It is unfortunate that there is no more than a sad facial expression .. just like it .. As for the rest, as always, elegant. I hope, in the preparation of this Bermann will not disappoint.

    • I didn’t changed much part. I kept eyes and lips so you can feel the sadness on his face.
      It would be able to recreate the face you want with makeup or taking pictures on other sides.
      I’m trying to meet your expectation. Thank you for your opinion.

  • A very serene-looking Bermann. The sleeping face is a nice idea. Is it possible please to show a photo of his profile to see his nose? And the head on the new body (which is beautiful) to show the proportions?

    Thanks so much.

    • Sleeping face makes us feel calm. I jealous of Bermann who is sleeping without any worries.
      I have updated the picture you requested later. You can check the picture on the Bermann page.

  • Wow! That was actually very fast work!
    Bermann is back! He’s very beautiful…
    I like the way his eyes turned out, and I’d love to see a photo of his profile…
    His lips look different from original – they look more full, and more smiling. Old Bermann was more pouty.

    Thank you also for the adjustment to Mystic body’s neck! I think it’s much better with the longer neck.

    Can you show us some photos of the new Bermann heads on the new Mystic body?

    Thank you very much!

    • Thank you for thinking of it beautiful.

      I have updated the picture you requested later.
      You can check the picture on the Bermann page.

      I didn’t changed width of lips and angles much. Does it look smiling?
      When I look at in person it doen’t look like it is smiling.
      I think that’s because of light, angles or makeup while taking the pictures.
      Anyway, Grown Bermann has more narrow face and less flesh on his cheek so it doesn’t look pouty that much I think.
      I can hear more exact opinion when you get him.

      Thank you for your opinion.

  • The heads look wonderful — I can’t wait to see them on the Mystic body!

    Would you consider offering an SA head that had eyes similar to the original release, though? When I bought my Grown Bermann (with both heads), I was expecting that the SA eyes would be partially open, not a sleeping head.

    Perhaps people could choose between the sleeping head and a partially-open-eyed SA head?

    I’d really prefer that both heads have open eyes (like DO Bermann and SA Bermann), if at all possible.

    I’m really excited about Grown Bermann so far, and I can’t wait to see mine in person! Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to have a chance to own this beautiful sculpt! <3

    • Thank you for thinking of it beautiful.

      I have updated the picture a bit later.
      You can check the picture on the Bermann page.

      I don’t think I would make the face he partially opens his eyes.
      I like his clam sleeping face so I made him with closed eyes.

      The processing would be done earlier so I will make the shipping in time.
      Thank you for your opinion.

  • Thank you for showing him, he looks lovely and you did a wonderful job recreating his appearance.

    I’m looking forward to receiving him. : )

  • I’m really liking how the new Bermann looks, and he really suits the new Mystic body, despite really disliking it to start with – It’s really grown on me!
    His nose looks slightly shorter and flatter than the Original Bermann. Whilst I would love&prefer it if the nose was like the originals, I am happy either way and can’t wait for his arrival.

    • Thank you for your compliment on Grown Bermann.

      To make the head suit for Mystic Body I design the head mature with smaller and slim face.

      I think the reason why you think he has lower and smaller nose is that his longer chin and narrower face than before.

      It hasn’t been shorter or lower. I will upload comparison picture of Original Bermann and Grown Bermann soon.

      The processing of prototype is quicker than I thought.
      I will keep concentrating of my work and show you the best doll ever.

  • I love almost everything of Grown Bermann, I’m a little sad you made his nose more smooth compared to original Bermann though, but he is still very beautiful and still has most of the feel of the original.

    • Thank you for your love for almost parts of Bermann.

      If someone doesn’t compare him with Original one the person would not notice it is a remaking one. It would look like the Original.

      I have tried to decided how much I should change.

      I think the reason why you think he has lower and smaller nose is that his longer chin and narrower face than before.

      It is not shorter or lower. I will upload comparison picture of Original Bermann and Grown Bermann soon.

      I explain which parts has been modified. I think it is a given to explain in detail for someone who ordered my doll with trust.

      Thank you for your opinion about Bermann.

  • Thanks for more photos. He’s lovely. The closed eyes make this version unique, and allow the SA heads to stay special for those who own them. This way, all Bermann owners have something a little different to love.

    The fit on the Mystic body is very elegant which we want with our Dollshe men. 😉

    • I’m happy that the pictures that I uploaded was helpful. The new SA version gives us comfortable impression on us. You can tell the difference between Original one and Grown one. I think both has their own characters.
      I’m appreciate that many people love Mystic Body. It is slim and suit for his grown concept.

  • The new heads are quite lovely. I like both of the OE head and the SA head. Would you consider making a third head, the half open-eyes head? And so there will have the open-eyes head, the half open -eyes head and the sleeping head. I will gladly have all the three heads. Because Bermann is very special, so it would be ideal for him to have all three head options. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your compliment for BERMANN HEADS.
      We made the original form of half open -eyes head, what you said, but we did not release yet.
      When the last release only the head of OE and SA were shown.
      After we discuss about the release of half open -eyes head, we will let you know.

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