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Club CoCo SUPERSTAR IDOL M75 Ian has been released.



Club CoCo BJD is not DollShe Craft BJD.

Only the prototype was created by sculptor DK.


Club CoCo BJD is a BJD made with production costs subsidized, and when it is sold, a sales commission is received.


The sales commission will be used to normalize DollShe Craft Paypal and to cover shipping and casting costs for overdue BJDs.


Club CoCo BJD sales and CS are handled directly by DollsTown.

We sell a small number of BJDs in stock every month, and only the small amount that is available for sale each month will be sold in casting.



The place of purchase is DollsTown.

For purchase inquiries, please contact DollsTown.
All deliveries are made by DollsTown.

You can meet Club CoCo BJD by accessing the link below.

I made a BJD for a brand called Club CoCo upon request. Club CoCo BJD is not DollShe Craft BJD.
We receive half of the production cost from DollsTown’s representative and sculptor, Ahn Jong-hak, and a commission based on the quantity sold. Sales commissions are used to cover DollShe Craft BJD casting and shipping costs.
Due to the unilateral termination of my collaboration with Mori9, I have not earned a single dollar from PayPal for over 8 months due to massive refunds and increased claims.
PayPal account restrictions are expected to allow small amounts to be withdrawn during February or March once delivery begins normally.
We sincerely apologize for not being able to ship the doll due to financial difficulties due to a restricted PayPal account.
To be able to complete backlogged deliveries, I am working on various design requests and projects in parallel.
Since PayPal withdrawals were restricted, I have not been able to take a single day off for the past 9 months. Many employees left the company, including those who had been with the company for 19 years.
Currently, there are only 3 people left who are planning to resume replicating and delivering DollShe Craft BJDs. As the financial situation improves, one or two employees who quit the company are reinstated.
I am well aware that DollShe Craft has a very bad reputation due to shipping delays.
However, Club CoCo BJD does not belong to me. Delivery is also done directly from DollsTown, and after confirming inventory, we only accept small orders of 10-20 units that can be delivered each month.
We would like to express our gratitude and apologies to those who have consistently supported DollShe Craft since 2003. Due to COVID-19, sales have decreased and DollShe Craft has been forced to offer large discounts to keep its employees employed.
We do not sell at discounts and run the DollShe Craft and BJD business with a minimum number of employees.
DollShe Craft is divided into DollShe Craft Casting Center and DK(Dragon Kim, DollShe Kim) STUDIO. DollShe Craft Casting Center only specializes in bulk Casting. DK STUDIO only produces prototypes, eyeballs, props, silicone molds, and small-scale copying of samples.
There is no delivery delay for Club CoCo BJD. In stock ships as soon as 2-3 days. Even for dolls that are out of stock, we only accept orders in small quantities that can be shipped each month while the silicone mold is made, so we make it a rule to ship them within one month.

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