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Current Shipping Progress

Current Shipping Progress

The remaining BJD to be delivered is 500 pieces. Delivered within 6 months
We sincerely apologize for the delay in delivery.
There were a lot of orders during the period when the first special package was discounted by 50% of the regular price. It was a time when orders from DollShe Craft official websites and overseas dealers were pouring in at once.
Currently, there are about 500 units left until the last order. This is a quantity that can be delivered in 5-6 months with the production capacity of the DollShe Craft Casting Center.
Delayed prototyping All done in two months.
Even for BJD with delayed delivery due to delay in prototype production, most prototypes are in the final stage, and all prototypes will be completed within two months. We are shipping sequentially from the finished BJD type, and all will be delivered within 6 months.
There are a lot of cancellations with few new orders.
If there is no special package 50% discount event, there are almost no orders. Due to the high number of cancellations of orders, the operation of the DollShe Craft Casting Center may be disrupted. Please do not cancel your order.
50% off the regular price of special packages until 6 months after delivery.
50% off the regular price of special packages until 6 months after delivery. We only take orders in limited quantities each month. 25% of overseas dealer commissions, labor costs, material costs, taxes, electricity bills in the workshop, maintenance costs, etc. were in a state of no profit. Although the sales are high due to a large number of orders, we have been operating a DollShe Craft Casting Center for a long time with no margin. This is the reason why we stopped overseas dealers and want to stop selling the special package at a 50% discount. We will continue to accept orders for the special package at 50% off the regular price until delivery of the regular version doll is complete.
Direction of operation of the workshop after normalization of delivery
After the delayed delivery is completed, only about 30-40 orders are received per month. In principle, dolls that are not in stock are reproduced within 2-3 weeks after ordering and delivered within a month.
The doll release also receives orders after being casting and does not take orders in the state of 3D modeling, so as to avoid delays in shipping due to prototyping delays.
Please allow 5-6 months for delivery to be completed.
Limited edition dolls will be delivered within one month after ordering by introducing a delivery period guarantee.
Standard version dolls introduce a delivery period guarantee system 6 months after delivery is completed.

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