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EXIMBAY Overseas Payment Service Information

In the meantime, only PayPal payment was possible.
EXIMBAY overseas payment service starts.
Global credit cards VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and JCB are accepted.
Payment in China Alipay, WeChat payment is available.
Payments in Russia YooMoney, like PayPal, is not yet available for payment.
I hope the war ends soon.
Limited 100 BJD can be delivered within 2 weeks of ordering.
Work on KING75, EMPEROR78, and PRINCE72 is progressing smoothly.
We apologize to those who were disappointed with the delay in delivery.
The problem of delayed delivery of the regular version BJD is in the process of being resolved.
Thank you.
DollShe Kiyong
Master Sculptor & President of DollShe Craft

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