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In case of Delayed Deliveries

In case of Delayed Deliveries

We will explain the reasons that caused the delayed delivery and provide a guideline on how to solve the issue. First of all, we sincerely apologize for the delayed delivery. We are currently hiring additional staff members and carrying out training courses to normalize the delivery process. We will provide you with detailed information on the measures that we are taking to solve these issues.

Delayed Delivery due to Delayed Prototype Production

The biggest reason for delayed delivery is due to the delay in the production of prototypes. We have received the pre-order with only the 3D design phase being completed. We weren’t able to complete the original prototype within the date/schedule that we’ve promised. From now on, we promise that we will only take your orders after we have completed all prototypes and have enough products in our inventory.
Most of the prototypes have been completed, and replication/reproduction is in progress.

Issues due to ‘Too Many Options’

It is extremely difficult to shorten the silicon mold production cycle due to the selection of too many options (resin color, doll head, doll body, doll with same shape). Please remove unnecessary options.

Single Design, Four Different Sizes (Types)

We have released dolls in four different sizes, which share a single design – Classic Maxi, Classic Mini, Fashion Maxi, Fashion Mini -. Classic Maxi dolls only comes in a single size. For example, the 18M Line is released in four different types (sizes) – 18M Classic Maxi, 18M Classic Mini, 18M Fashion Maxi, and 18M Fashion Mini -. 18M Classic Maxi Line is only available in a single size. The line is named ‘18M’ and does not include the type (Classic Maxi, Classic Mini, Fashion Maxi, Fashion Mini) of the doll. We do not produce Classic Mini, Fashion Maxi, and Fashion Mini.
It takes around 10 days to work on the silicon mold of a doll that is released for the first time. The production process includes procedures such as working on the gate/membranes, cutting the outer frame (plastic plate), silicon cutting, etc., and takes about two weeks (excluding holidays).
After the gate/membranes and plastic plate cutting is completed, silicon mold operations takes around 4 days.
The body comes in 4 different 28M sizes, 4 different 24M sizes, 4 different 18M sizes, 4 different 16F sizes, 1 8B size, and 1 6G size.
Multiple head options & hand parts options.
These variety of sizes/options alone results in more time required to create the silicon molds (up to a few months). Our goal is to shorten the silicon mold creation cycle by reducing & simplifying the types of dolls.
By shorten the manufacturing cycle of silicon molds, faster delivery becomes possible.

We only produce OE heads.

We have prepared three different head options: OE, EN, and SA. If it is not an event special package, there are only 3-4 orders for EN/SA heads per 100 OE head orders. In short, the demand for EN heads and SA heads are extremely low. There are times where we barely receive 20 orders/year after producing a silicon frame for a head that is not popular among our customers. Currently, our dolls come in 4 different sizes and 3 different options, which means that we must produce 12 different types of head prototypes. It takes more than at least a month to complete the prototypes, which is the main reason that causes delayed delivery. Until now, we believed that it would be better to provide our customers with a variety of different options to choose from. However, now we believe that solving the delivery issues should be our biggest priority.
From now on, we will not attach ‘OE’, ‘EN’, and ‘SA’ to our heads. Instead, we will just use the name of the dolls.

Various Resin Color Options

Until now, we have provided our customers with a wide variety of resin color options. However, due to too many color options, we had to experience a lot of production-related issues (i.e., decreased production efficiency, etc.). Unfortunately, hiring a large number of employees was not enough to solve this issue. Replicating a single skin for a certain period of time greatly increases the production efficiency. The Honey skin has to use a type of thick liquid paint, so it is difficult to use it in the winter due to air bubbles. The color scheme is also quite tricky to produce, and it is hard to replicate the same color even if we use the same combination of ingredient colorants. At this moment, we’re trying to obtain the exact same color by copying/replicating the same combination of colorants. For this reason, we have decided to suspend the replication/production of the Honey skin.

Conclusion (to solve this situation)

Hire more employees to quickly resolve the backlog of orders.
Simplify the options for dolls to drastically reduce the production cycle of silicon frames/molds.
Single size, Single head option, Single body option.
By reproducing/duplicating high-demand skin color options in advance (to increase inventory), shorten the delivery schedule by mixing direct delivery orders & preorder deliveries.

Please, refrain from canceling your orders.

Due to frequent delivery delays, we have received a lot of complaints from our customers recently. Naturally, there have also been a lot of cancellations for the last 3 months. This issue (delayed delivery) is entirely due to our negligence. Most of those orders were initially placed during the special event where we provided a huge discount and special package options. However, the number of orders have decreased recent months. If we can take care of the orders that has been placed during the event, we believe that we would be able to significantly reduce the delivery time for recent orders.
We have recently hired more employees to handle this issue. We are currently taking various measures to resolve these issues as soon as possible. Additional sales are being used to hire more employees, and we are doing our very best to handle the current situation. So, we would be very grateful if you could refrain from canceling your orders and give us another chance.

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