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KING75 relaunch promotion application event  


KING75 relaunch promotion application event
KING75 is being re-released.
We started delayed deliveries and organized an event to casting King75.
The 10 people who apply will be able to own KING75 Suho at a 30% discount.
Approximately 150 orders that had selected the KING75 compatible head Doma and Luke head were canceled.
Only two orders remain, opting for an undisclosed head created by sculptor DK.
Doma and Luke are not casting at all.
Due to Mori9’s unilateral termination of collaboration, the PayPal account is restricted due to PayPal refunds and large claims. I haven’t been able to withdraw a single dollar for the past 9 months.
DollShe Craft PayPal account is scheduled to be unlocked gradually during February-March, but the withdrawal limit is very low, so DSCCC(DollShe Craft Casting Center) cannot be operated.
Payment is accepted through the PayPal account of DollsTown, a partner with whom we have a long-standing trust relationship.

KING75 Suho head revealed.
Suho Head will begin casting after 2 weeks.
All KING75 Suho 75cm level clothing and shoes are perfectly compatible.
Among those who apply, each winner can order only one.
We are only accepting orders for a limited quantity of 30 units that can be shipped within February.
The winner’s BJD will be shipped sequentially in early February.

Winner Benefits
We are offering KING75 Suho at a 30% discount.
Regular price USD900$ > Application winning price USD630$

Application period
Until January 11th
* Only emails received by midnight on January 11th, Korean time will be considered.

Basic package composition
OE (Open Eyes) Guardian Head + KING75 Body + Genital Parts + Testicle Parts + Hand Parts for Clothing Exchange + Foot Parts for Clothing Exchange

Limited quantity for winners
20 Unit
* Only one order per person is allowed.

Conditions of application
1. Please tell us your SNS address such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
* The more followers you have or the more attractive doll photos you have, the higher your chances of winning. Those who are active on social media and active in the community have a higher chance of winning.
2. After receiving the KING75 Suho, the winner must upload a compatible photo of the head from another company and the KING75 Suho body on social media. You must promise to post a review on social media after winning.
3. Please put on KING75 Suho’s 75cm BJD costume and wig from another company, take a picture, and promote it on social media. Please contact us after uploading the photo.
* If you do not have a 75cm BJD, you can take a photo that makes KING75 Suho stand out and upload it.
* Please let me know if King75 Suho is your first 75cm level BJD.
* Please promote the advantages of KING75 Suho by making a head that is compatible with the KING75 body.

King75 Suho Promotion Application Event Form
Please fill out the form below and send it to
Please send the subject line as “I am applying for the KING75 Suho Promotion Event.”
1. Name:
2. ID (DollShe Craft member ID):
3. SNS address:
3. Reason for application:
The winner will receive their order by paying 50% of the order price.

Delivery schedule for application winners
– Delivery begins in early February.
– Silicone molding has begun and the first replications are scheduled to begin at the end of January.
– All winning BJDs will be delivered within February.

PayPal payment
Due to the withdrawal limit for Dollstown’s PayPal account, please deposit to Dollstown’s PayPal account.
We have been exclusively casting Dollstown BJD for the past 15 years and have maintained a good relationship with them.
Dollstown PayPal account:


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