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Limited 100 BJD Super Hero David Classic 1st Order



Limited 100 BJD Super Hero David Classic 1st Order

DollShe Craft only produces a limited edition of 100 BJD.

1st order schedule

We take orders until the order of 33 pieces is completed.



1st order limited quantity

33 pieces

* Shipping of the first order will start in 3 weeks.

* Delivery of your first order takes approximately 1-2 months.

* The second order will open when the first shipment is complete.

* Limited 100 BJD does not offer installment payments. Orders are valid in the order in which payment is completed after placing an order.If payment is delayed, your order will be cancelled.



This is a limited certification trophy.

We will send you a 3D printed miniature model of the superhero David. At the bottom, the number of the BJD produced out of 100 is engraved.

It is not genuine without this limited certification trophy.

The Limited 100 BJD certification consists of three parts. Limited Certification Trophy, Limited Certification Card, Limited Production Record Paper.

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