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LALA – MANGA MAXI (55CM) (FULL package)

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Full package configuration

OE (Open Eyes) head + MANGA Body + Gesture hand type 1 + Gesture hand type 2 + High-heeled feet + Ballet feet + Clothing exchange hand parts


Regular price USD 750$

Discount price USD 220$

Limited Quantity

MAXI 10 orders

Order Period

May 21 – June 21

* Ends early when 10 orders have been placed.

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Delivery period information

MANGA MAXI LALA for 2-3 months

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The shipping fee is automatically set by the box’s volume and weight, and there is a difference between the automatically set shipping fee and the actual shipping fee.

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The manga body is compatible with 26F heads and 16F heads. If you would like to order a combination of a manga body and a 26F head and 16F head, please email the desired head type when ordering.


Introduction of Manga line

While releaseing Molly, we introduced a sub-brand, Bubble pet.
We have another sub-brand this time, and it is MANGA. There are two types of MANGA, and first one is MANGA MAXI(55cm) and second one is MANGA MINI(41cm). They look same, but different size.
MANGA MAXI is produced to fit the height of Dollfie Dream of VOLKS.
MANGA MINI is produced to fit the height of MiniFee of FairyLand.

There is no big difference with the size of body size, so MANGA MAXI is almost compatible with clothes, wig and shoes of Dollfie Dream.
MANGA MINI is compatible with the body and head of MiniFee FairyLand.
MANGA MAXI line is compatible with the body and head of Dollfie Dream of VOLKS.
MANGA MINI line is compatible with the body and head of MiniFee of FairyLand.

We like Dollfie Dream of VOLKS and MiniFee of FairyLand, and think that it would be great for customer who have Dollfie Dream and MiniFee to use clothes, wig and shoes what they have already with MANGA MAXI and MINI.

The size of eye is not compatible because the iris of MANGA line is bigger. So, the eyes will be offered following the schedule of shipment.

The first doll of MANGA style for a sub-brand is LaLa. She is very vivacious and cute girl. She likes singing and dancing. She is very lively and lovely character.

This mini MANGA style of doll can be your own character with various make ups and clothes.

We are very glad that we can show you varous and beautiful dolls suchas small and adorable animal doll Bubble pet line and MANGA MAXI and MINI from mini MANGA line.

We hope lots of compliments and interests from customer.
Thank you.