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Natalie Portman (ORDER MADE BJD FASHION – 38CM) (special package)

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ORDER MADE BJD FASHION Natalie Portman special package event

Special package configuration

OE (Open Eyes) head + CR (Crying) Head + Elegance pose Body + Gesture hand type 1 + Gesture hand type 2 + High-heeled feet + Ballet feet + Clothing exchange hand parts


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Discount price USD 170$

Limited Quantity

10 orders

Order Period

August 18 – September 18

* Ends early when 10 orders have been placed.

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ORDER MADE BJD 2-3 months

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Natalie Portman of Leon

Leon, Masterpiece of Luc Besson. The pure love story that is still loved by many people even if it has passed 22 years. Leo’s Matilda. Natalie Portman, the actress who was mature and gorgeous for her young age. Wasn’t even aware of her god like beauty? With Virtual reality that comes with new technology, even if it is augmented reality that just comes in front of us. Is a real doll worth to have? The belief that analog and digital can’t be existed together. Somethings are existed to be touched. We believe a basic instinct of Human is being attracted by reality. Analog and touch is forever. This is one of Dollshe Craft’s Second projects for a Order-made of BJD and will be great for Natalie Portman Fans.




Natalie Portman of Leon has mature and gorgeous face for her young age.
We think 16 year-old body which is more mature than child body would be suitable for Natalie Portman in the movie.
So we decided to use a compatible body, the next 16F FASHION body. The producing of the body is 60% so far.


Stoic look face + Sad look face + New version of 16F FASHION Body + An extra pair of hands

Basic color


Shipping schedule

In February.

– limited edition dolls will only be 99 units.
– It won’t be able to purchase only head separately. It is only provided as a full package.
– We provide layaway installment program for Order-made BJD.
– We will let you know order number after you finish payment.
– All dolls will be endorsed with the limited version of serial number.
– Exquisite custom-made clothes, Wigs, and shoes can be produced by Sartoria. After the dolls are complete we will provide sale on clothes separately.
– The Prototype would be done in December.
– The Shipping will be start in February.

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